Mantras are powerful tools to help create healthy mental patterns. They help shift our mindset and open us to new possibilities. Starting a mantra with "I choose" reinforces the empowerment of CHOICE. No one is making you do or believe anything. You are choosing it.

Sometimes mantras stir up discomfort and offer some ego 'kickback'. Give yourself permission to be ok with that. Avoid resisting it and lean into it instead. Breathe and stay true to the mantra you have chosen. Just as it takes multiple repetitions to believe the self-judgments and old beliefs that run on tape-loop in our heads, it also takes multiple repetitions for new, empowering ideas to settle in. Be patient. Open to the words that align with integrity and truth.

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Mindsets play strange tricks on us. We see things the way our minds have instructed our eyes to see.

-Muhammad Yunus

You can conquer almost any fear if you will only make up your mind to do so. For remember, fear doesn't exist anywhere except in the mind.

-Dale Carnegie

It's sort of a mental attitude about critical thinking and curiosity. It's about mindset of looking at the world in a playful and curious and creative way.

-Adam Savage

Sometimes in life, when bad things happen to us, or things aren't going our way, or we're faced with a challenge or a problem, it's how you look at the problem; it's how you do it to change your mindset, to dilute the negativity.

-Alesha Dixon

True Mantra 1.22.20_001
Achieve Mantra 1.29.20_001
Commit Mantra 1.8.20_001
Dream Mantra 1.15.20_001
Message Mantra 12.25.19_001
Beginnings Mantra 1.1.20_001
Family Mantra 12.11.19_001
Within Mantra 12.18.19_001
Interconnected Mantra 11.27.19_001
Angels Mantra 12.4.19_001
Inspired Mantra
Acceptance Mantra 11.20.19_001
Strength Mantra 10.30.19_001
Nurture Mantra 11.6.19_001
Paths Mantra
Change Mantra 10.2.19_001
Gratitude Mantra 10.9.19_001
Barrier Mantra 9.18.19_001
Express 9.25.19_001
Passion Mantra
Empowered Mantra 9.11.19_001
Unknown Mantra 8.20.19_001
Mantra Body 8.29.19_001
Accept Mantra 8.6.19_001
Potential Mantra 8.14.19_001
Curiosity Mantra 7.29.19 v6_001
Yes Mantra 7.22.19_001
Trust Mantra 7.15.19_001
Fresh Start Mantra 7.8.19_001
Grateful Mantra 7.1.19_001
Expectations Mantra 6.17.19_001
Risk Mantra 6.10.19_001
Self Acceptance Mantra 6.3.19_001
Past Mantra 5.28.19_001
Thoughts Mantra 5.20.19_001
Permission Mantra 5.13.19_001
Transitions Mantra 5.6.19_001
Within Mantra 3.4.19_001
Who I Am Mantra_001
When I choose to speak_001
Mindful Mantra 4.1.19_001
When I choose to savor connection_001
Savor Mantra 4.15.19_001
Know Mantra_001
Integrity Mantra 4.29.19_001
Fears Mantra_001
Create Mantra_001

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