With the variety of services offered, it can be overwhelming to understand what is best for you. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about making a choice. When you arrive for your session, we have a brief discussion about where you are and what is going on for you, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. During this conversation, I’m getting an energetic ‘read’ on what is going on. This information is used to intuit what crystals to use during the session. From there, I allow my hands to guide the healing modality to be used. More often than not, a variety of techniques are used.

If there is a specific physical pain that needs healing, attention and intention will be offered to that area. The beauty of this type of healing is that the body is the ultimate guide of the session and my hands are the interpreter. The body receives the healing it is able to receive in a session.

The healing that takes place in a session often leads to a deeper awareness of self. The physical healing is intimately connected to personal and spiritual growth, leading to an elevated awareness of choices and their impact. The combination of these facets provides a greater sense of personal empowerment. Familiar patterns and beliefs that have previously been limiting are seen in a new light and able to be transformed.

Reiki & Energy Healing

In a Reiki (pronounced "ray-key") session, a practitioner attuned to the Reiki energy gently lays hands on or slightly above the client to help release any blockages and increase the flow of energy within the body.

Crystal Balancing

Crystal Balancing is a 15 minute procedure in which a quartz crystal is held on the bottoms of the feet (for the nervous system), on each side of the hips (for the circulatory system) and near the temples on each side of the head (for the brain). It is often used at the beginning of another healing technique.

Hara Line Healing

The Hara Line and the haric level is the level of intentionality, or how we use our power of Divine Will. The haric level of our being holds our intentions, life task and purpose. When people have a healthy hara configuration, they are healthy, aligned with those who have a healthy haric level, in line with their life task, have personal integrity and a powerful personal purpose synchronized with Universal Purpose.

Blocks & Ins (Acupressure)

Acupressure is done by using your finger or hand to apply pressure instead of needles as in acupuncture. It can be used to ease distress, heal disease and promote balance. There will often be tenderness in the area surrounding the points. Points are typically in a dip rather than a bony protrusion.

Crystal Wand Healing

Crystal Wand Healing uses the energy of the quartz crystal at a specific afflicted area. Depending on the intensity of the affliction, Crystal Wand Healing may be used independently or in conjunction with another healing technique.


Chelation (pronounced "key-lay-shun") means flushing out. This technique, often combined with a crystal layout, is used to "flush out" stuck or stagnant energy in the body. The practitioner gently lays hands on the client in a variety of hand positions to focus the intention of getting the energy moving through the body.

Tibetan Pulsing

Tibetan Pulsing with stones is designed to assist the client to relax into the heartbeat of their connection to themselves and with Spirit. It gives peace, calm and centering, allowing for the individual to commune within the greatness of their heart.

Transpersonal Development

Reiki and energy work can be used to aid in transpersonal development, extending beyond or transcending the personal. As energy blocks are released, the causes, old wounds or former beliefs can sometimes come into awareness. This offers the individual the opportunity to grow in their own sense of universal connectedness and make changes to support this growth.

Brain Balancing

Through brain balancing, you'll learn to release and clear out negative thoughts and emotions that are getting in the way of experiencing balance and joy. This clearing out process helps you to develop real brain power-seeing your ability to gain mastery over emotions and realize that happiness can be created anytime, anywhere, through action.

Cellular Memory Release

The Cellular Memory Release healing technique allows for a deeper release of the memories and emotions held within the body. It also aids in clearing the energetic ties from the ancestral lineage that have been passed down.

Balancing the Central Nervous System

This healing technique uses quartz crystals at key points on and around the body to balance the Central Nervous System. It helps open the energy current in the body and aids in relieving issues like neuropathy.

Lymph System Drainage with Crystals

The lymph drainage is to assist the lymph system in drawing out and releasing toxins from the body. It is suggested that you drink several glasses of water to flush the body after this healing.

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First Session


To help you prepare for your first Reiki/energy work session, here are some items to note:
  • You stay fully clothed during a session; only shoes are removed.
  • You do not need to wear any special type of clothing; be comfortable.
  • Complete the Client Information/Consent Form. Print off the form and complete it or arrive about 10 minutes early to complete the form prior to the start of your session.
  • We will have a brief discussion regarding your intentions and current physical state.
  • Be open to receiving the energy. Allow yourself to be receptive to the experience.


Every body responds differently to energy work. As a matter of fact, each session typically "feels" different, too. The body responds to what it most needs in the moment. Here are some typical physical responses to energy work:
  • No conscious awareness of a physical response.
  • Areas of heat or cold, not necessarily in conjunction with the location of the practitioner's hands.
  • Tingling
  • Gurgling sounds in the throat or stomach areas
  • Emotional responses (tears, laughter, etc.)
  • Involuntary twitching
  • Seeing colors (usually in association with the different chakras)
  • Memories of past experiences


Just as each session can yield a different response during the session, the same holds true following a session. Although the physical body is essentially inactive during a session, the energy within is far from inactive. It is important to maintain good self-care following an appointment. Some key points:
  • Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water following the appointment to allow the energy to continue to move and release any blocks.
  • Be aware of any physical fatigue and respond compassionately. It may sometimes feel as though you just completed an intense physical workout a few hours after your session.
  • It is sometimes beneficial to take advantage of soaking in epsom salts. This, too, helps keep the body relaxed and open.
  • Journal. There may be times when a session may result in releasing past events, traumas or beliefs. Taking the time to journal allows the rest of the release to take place. It can be quite cathartic.
  • You may experience temperature shifts. It is not uncommon to be cold after a session.
  • There may also be times where there is no conscious awareness of anything being different within your body. This does NOT mean that nothing happened during the session, it's simply how your body responded.
  • It is common to sleep really well the night of a session. The body experiences release from the tension and all of the energy holding and needs to rejuvenate.


Typical Session

  • Exploratory conversation of health (mental, physical, emotional, and/or spiritual)
  • Discuss the objective for the session
  • Lay face up, fully clothed on a massage table
  • Crystals laid on or around the client to aid in the energy work (optional)
  • Dim lights with soft music
  • Gentle laying on of hands
  • Growth insights shared or discussed during the session
  • Brief discussion at the end, including follow-up care plan
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