Be encouraged to slow down, be gentle, and be accepting of YOU!

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Lux Eterna Healing is a gentle landing place where


curiosity and


blend to inspire spiritual growth.


My Story

I grew up as a mousey chameleon, blending in and being who I thought others wanted me to be. I was the well-behaved child (unless, of course, I was inspired or antagonized by my siblings), the obedient student and a friend to everyone. Although I knew a lot of people, I never really fit in. Dating followed the same pattern as my friendships...I'll like what you like and we'll get along just fine.

I ended up with no voice, no opinion, a whole lot of sadness...and a divorce under my belt.

Curiosity kicked in when I opened a brochure from a local wellness center (which normally didn't make it past the recycle bin) and I saw a class for Reiki I. I was intrigued...said yes...was inspired...and I've never looked back.

The nudges keep coming, I keep saying yes and the path keeps unfolding. Even when the detours come and the way gets a little tricky to navigate, I am always grateful for saying yes to my curiosity.

And I invite YOU to do the same...

I want to share the tools I have learned to help you

  • Awaken your curiosity
  • Shift your perception
  • Lean into love
  • Heal what's holding you back

My goal is to guide and coach you to freedom from blocks-mental and physical-that interfere with joy and connection.

Be curious

Be inspired

Be empowered

Why "Lux Eterna"?

The name Lux Eterna chose me the way a pet awaiting adoption chooses its new owner.

I was steeped in the work of my Reiki Master training and musing whether or not energy work was actually something I would pursue as a career. I was teaching piano full time. It was safe and predictable. Why stir the pot? Following the path of unfolding that I was unknowingly on, I got the love nudge that answered the question.

I was out for a run when the name Lux Eterna Healing 'popped' into my head. I now had a business name...I guess I'm really doing this!

Lux Eterna (loox a-tair-na) is Latin for light eternal. The Latin element to the name brings in the old, the ancestors and lineage connecting us all. Lux Eterna itself represents the light of the soul that shines forever. It fit.

Heal what blocks the light of the soul.

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