Ann (Basten) Ruane

Ann has been an active student and practicer of Reiki since 2007. She received both Reiki I and II attunements in the Usui Lineage in 2007, followed by a Master attunement in 2011.

In 2011, she also received the Munay-Ki Rites and studied crystal healing with Diane Bloom. Ann is a graduate of the Free Spirit School of Integrated Energy Healing and is a certified teacher of crystal healing.

Ann is honored to share the gift of personal empowerment through healing.


My experience with Ann’s work is nothing short of exquisite and powerful.  I asked Ann to be a member of my healing team to assist in my transformational journey for my personal and professional growth.

Ann is not only a powerful healer and shares her perspective freely and professionally, her energy work is among the best I have experienced.

Being her client has safely facilitated the deepening of my process.

I recommend her without reservation.

~Rose Kumar M.D.

As a Catholic priest, so much of my work is in the caring and healing ministry. My parishioners come seeking counsel, direction, and guidance, and that can be very intense and draining. Often times when I arrive for my reiki session with Ann, I feel depleted, off-balanced, and exhausted. When I leave I feel refreshed, re-energized, and renewed to continue the work that I am called to. Ann is truly gifted and called to this healing ministry. She listens with great compassion. She prays with true depth. And she lays hands with an intentional focus. She replenishes my energy. I am grateful for this blessing in my life.

Fr. Tony Zimmer

Pastor, St. Anthony on the Lake

Ann has a true gift. The work she has guided me through has been life changing. Simply put, after working with Lux Eterna Healing I feel empowered and connected to Self.

Working with Ann has been healing for my heart and soul which integrates into my physical and mental health.

I was referred to Ann at a big transition point in my life, a job and relationship change as well as trying to figure out why I felt so exhausted all the time. From our first phone call, I was confident I had found a genuinely wonderful person.

My session was the first time I had really worked with crystals and the second time with Reiki. WOW - what a freeing and enjoyable experience.

Over the last few years, I have continued working with Ann. She journeys with me and helps me see connections that are difficult to face alone. My sessions can be filled with laughter, breath work, intoning, crying, and expressions of repressed anger in any combination. The healing power of Lux Eterna is liberating.

I have also had the pleasure of attending Ann's classes and retreats. You will find what you need in these experiences. I highly recommend working with Lux Eterna. Your session will shift with you as you grow and change. The tools you learn are practical and effective.

~Rachel T.

“Sessions with Ann help to manage my stress levels at work.  Taking an hour with her allows me an opportunity to regain perspective rather than focusing on the frustrations of the day-to-day obstacles that crop up with my job.”

-David D.

"I went to Ann not knowing much about Reiki or what to expect. But I was feeling miserable and was willing to try anything once. I found the session to be very peaceful and relaxing - a great opportunity to focus inward and work on fixing my approach to some of my stressors. Some subsequent sessions have had a particular focus and some have seemed to let go of focus and just be. Recently, I've really been enjoying Ann's blog postings. Each has resonated deep inside, helping me to identify and work on some things which have been ignored too long. I look forward to my next appointment!"

-Steve K.

"Being a client of Ann is an amazing opportunity for me.  She provides a powerful combination of healing techniques in a warm, safe environment.  The treatments I receive have had a significant impact on my journey.  Ann truly understands her gifts for what they are and I am honored to experience the services she provides."

-Beckie J.

"Reiki has helped me release the stress of raising a large family and the Reiki benefits continue after the session.  The interactions with Ann and the environment she has created make the healing all-encompassing. I am very grateful for her gift."

-Amy W.

"The Reiki treatments I have received from Ann are so uplifting and healing.  I can't say enough about her an a conduit of the Spirit within."

-Carol K.

"Before my first Reiki session, I didn't know much about what Reiki was or what the benefits could be  I went to the first session with an open mind thinking that I would do one session. After 5 sessions I am amazed at changes in my physical, mental and spiritual well-being.  I had ongoing headaches and chest wall pain for many years and after the first session am free of both.  Ann has been a phenomenal, gentle and wise guiding force to help me navigate through an amazing life changing course that I was desperately looking for but didn't realize was so needed until I started with the first Reiki session."

-Lisa P.