Every new moment holds a greater potential than the last. Explore it!
—TemitOpe Ibrahim

Who or what is the captain of your day?

What amount of mindfulness do you bring to each moment?

It can be very easy to let the to-do list of tasks guide your day. What if there was a shift in perspective? What if you allowed your mindfulness to guide your day and the to-do list to simply exist? It may seem like a hair-splitting twist of semantics, which it is, but it also offers a fresh way to experience your day.

When the to-do list is in the charge, ego mind becomes the captain of your ship, pushing you to get things done and cross things off the list. This leads to a lack of presence in what you are actually doing. The tasks can become so routine and monotonous that attention and intention are nowhere in sight. The pattern becomes doing things to get them done rather than experiencing potential within your tasks. There are missed opportunities to explore different ways of getting things done, learning something new, or even finding a fresh approach to the task.

I am all about efficiency in my world. I have plenty of projects that are well-deserving of my time and attention yet I continue to allow curiosity into my day and explore other paths of accomplishing my goals for the day or week. Just last week I tweaked how I prep my planner for the daily posts I have been doing for the past two years. The fun thing is that I wasn’t even feeling the need to change anything. As I was prepping my next planner, the idea popped into my head and I went with it. Now I get to explore whether or not this will be something I continue. Had I been strictly concerned with getting the planner prepped to ‘get ‘er done’, I would’ve missed the nudge completely.

With the number of things to do on my list, I do write them down to help me focus my week. However, my approach is one of scanning my list and discovering where I go next. I’m aware of deadlines or time frames, but ultimately, I let the energy and inspiration guide what I dive into.

The concept of the to-do list isn’t confined to work, either. How do you shape your weekend activities? Is there a push to get things done or an idea of what you would like it to look like and allow it to unfold?

The invitation is to let mindfulness guide you. When you are mindful about what you are doing, there is a fresh sense of exploration that inspires potential. You are more engaged in your activities and experience greater satisfaction while doing them. There is always potential for the mindfulness to inspire something else fun and creative that wasn’t even on your radar!

To me, mindfulness includes the connection within, both to my intuition as well as divine connection. I ask for divine guidance in all I do at the start of each day. I can still fall into the ‘get ‘er done’ mode, but breath and intention bring me back to allowing what is to be exactly what it is. Mindfulness isn’t about controlling and reacting, but rather about allowing and responding. My aspiration is to allow mindfulness to be the captain, not ego.

I choose to explore and savor all that is offered within each moment:
*the puppy snuggles at my feet
*pausing to cherish the sun shining on my face through my window
*taking in a deep inhale of the peonies as I put my dog outside
*the new idea that popped into my head
*sending a text when I get the nudge that I need to reach out
*laughing at my dog singing while I play piano

This is merely a snippet of how my day is beautifully ‘interrupted’ by mindfulness. There is always a moment of joy when I allow mindfulness to guide my day and remind me of the magnificence around me, regardless of the challenges I may be facing.

Who is the captain of your day?

Walking together in light, love, and peace 🙏

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