Uncertainty. I find it to be unsettling at times and somewhat exciting at others. It’s the unsettling side of uncertainty that is a bit more present these days.

 It seems that every time I shift my attention to another area in my life, uncertainty appears. One could argue that every moment of every day is filled with uncertainty because the moment hasn’t completely revealed itself yet. And I would agree with that, but that type of uncertainty doesn’t bother me. The uncertainty that rattles my being is the uncertainty shrouded in fear, projecting the unknown of the future into a swirling eddy.

The uncertainty that is currently present is connected to change. Generally speaking, I am looking forward to the changes that are taking place or going to take place. The aspect I keep finding myself getting stuck on is faith, or trusting how everything will unfold.

I trust in the choices that I am making and know that they are in alignment with my intentions. However, I am lacking a clear road map and time frame in which things will take place. There are decisions around timing that need to be made and fear around the external responses. It’s an opportunity to courageously honor what I know is what I want and need to do…not what others would prefer or desire.

This all weighs heavily on my heart because all of the people affected by these choices are important to me. It’s about the connection I have with them. This is where I need to practice balance and deep faith. I know that I need to honor my connection to me, above all. I understand that my choices may leave people disappointed, but what I need to remember is that the connection we share will also open to support and understanding.

I am blessed to do work I love and am deeply connected to. I am also blessed to be aware of the stirrings in my heart that are calling me to listen…be courageous…take a risk…blur the lines…fan the flames…and spread my wings. It’s the willingness to see how endings are really beginnings and what currently is always has the potential to be transformed into something else…more…different…yet the same…

When I peel back the fear, I can see that “feeling my way through life” is a different navigational system than what has been most familiar. It really does sound amazing to think of letting my heart lead the way instead of getting snarled up in fear.

This awareness doesn’t necessarily make the unfolding process any easier, but it guides me back to having faith in me and what I know and hear in my heart.

I am reminded that uncertainty fosters anticipation…curiosity…adventure…joy.

Have you checked your inner navigation system lately?

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