This is essentially a spin on the quote about life being about the journey and not the destination. The element that I really needed to see was what the journey teaches about the destination. It may seem like splitting hairs, but in this moment, it makes a difference.


There is so much behind the scenes work to anything worth doing. We can grasp that when we go to a show or a concert, knowing that a lot of work and preparation went into those two or three hours of entertainment. What is often unknown to the outsider is the personal growth along the way. There are always challenges that nudge us (or shove us, depending on the level of resistance!) to grow. Our response to the challenges has a huge impact on how we reach our destination.


Challenges are necessary for growth. We wouldn’t know what we are truly capable of if we weren’t challenged to step up and go beyond our perceived limitations. Part of stepping into that growth is also being present with the feelings that come up along the way. The more understanding that exists, the closer we get to the root cause of the limiting belief.


I do this all too familiar dance with fear when I meet a challenge. However, this dance with fear is often the best encouragement along the journey. No, I don’t agree with that sentence when I’m in the midst of the dance, but I can see it when I slow down.


I often hear, “Really?!?! I am the one for this? Really?!?!” resounding in my head when I’m being deeply challenged.


My own fears are exactly the reason why I need to do what I am called to do.


I sometimes look back and take notice of events in my life. Every one that has been met with fear or resistance has turned out…because I’m still here…


My fear tends to get wrapped up in how other people perceive me or my work. I know that the only thing that matters is if I am comfortable/confident/in alignment with my choices, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t care about how I am perceived. I do. I simply need to care MORE about connection to me.


Interesting side note…I’m having a challenging time writing this blog. I feel like I am jumping all over the board…re-reading…deleting…questioning…I guess there’s more here to understand that I initially felt called to.


More to grapple with….more to be revealed…my curiosity is piqued…


To paraphrase Eleanor Roosevelt, I need to do the things I think I cannot do.


What is my truest destination?


Connection within…to me and Spirit.


Every journey comes down to that.

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