Going to the quiet within.

Listening to the whispers of the heart.

Connecting to the love nudges from Spirit.

Residing in the silent sanctuary within.

All of these are essential on a daily basis, but seemingly more so during the holiday season and in preparation for the new year. It’s easy to get caught in the swirl of shopping, baking, holiday parties and family get-togethers and forgetting to slow down to find the stillness. It doesn’t have to be another item added to your already too full to-do list. It can be as simple as sitting in the quiet room with only the Christmas tree lights on (or a lit candle if you don’t celebrate Christmas) and being… turning off your phone…letting your mind wander…taking deep breaths…finding gratitude…and creating a moment right there.

I find that I sense the stirrings of my heart but I sometimes get afraid to dial in and listen. I fear that what my heart aches for and is calling me to do is beyond me. I know that’s fear talking. And I know that fear and I need to have a conversation about who’s steering the ship. (Interesting aside…I typed “shift” instead of “ship”…I’m paying attention!!) So here’s what I’m hearing:

Experience moments without guarding your heart.

Trust in the safety of experiencing the fullness of life with an open heart.

Hear the wisdom within and be guided with discernment.

Passionately immerse yourself in creating.

Love free of expectations.

Fully receive what is offered to you, regardless of what it is.

Let your life be a reflection of love and connection.

Allow your heart to influence your mind.

This feels like the answer to the uncertainty I was dancing with last week. Things haven’t necessarily been resolved, but the conviction of my choices resonates in my heart and that’s what matters more.

Take time to be in stillness.

Create a moment from the pull in your heart…and then another.

Trust in what calls.

Live your beauty always.

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