It is not who is right, but what is right, that is of importance.
—Thomas Huxley

Can you imagine how many arguments could be avoided if the idea of what is right took priority over who is right? Take a moment and think about that.

Fear, disguised as ego, can really take hold in a situation of being right versus doing right. It’s easy to get self-worth tangled in the notion of being right, which is not true. Being right doesn’t make anybody more or less valuable. Sometimes speaking up for what you believe isn’t seen as ‘right’ by others.

Doing right in a work setting can be scary enough, but as the circle gets smaller and closer to home, the vulnerability factor seems to skyrocket. For me, I know I can be concerned about the emotional reaction of others in doing what is right. I want everyone to walk away unscathed, at peace and in agreement.
How many times have you wanted to say or do something but had misgivings based on the perceived outcome?

I can play that game quite well, depending on how firmly fear is gripping. Old patterns, old experiences, and old beliefs (notice the recurrence of the word “OLD”) also interfere in doing what is right. The fear of the vulnerability in allowing for something to be different can sometimes feel like a strangle-hold. The limiting beliefs, the fear of the disappointment, the sadness that is sure to follow…

Doing the right thing includes letting my heart be seen. Am I really capable of doing that? Am I able to recover in the event that things go in a direction opposite of what I had planned? The answer to both of those questions is…YES!

Self-love inspires the ability to do the right thing. If I love myself enough, I will be courageous enough to do the right thing, regardless of the outcome. Why? Because I know I acted from a place of love. Love for myself, love for what I believe, and love for the others affected by my choice.

The deeper the self-love, the less I experience the feeling of being shattered on the inside. I won’t have pieces to pick up because there is immense strength in self-love. In all reality, I’m the only one who needs to love me. All of the extra love from others is like yummy toppings on the sundae of life.

As I ponder these musings, it feels like a springboard for me to dive in and explore what is still a bit vague within. I keep hearing, “One cannot create what one is unwilling to give.”

That’s quite a nugget to end on, but, alas, it has been shared for all.

Walking together in light, love and peace.

It is not who is right, but what is right, that is of importance. —Thomas Huxley Do what is right at