Times of transition are strenuous, but I love them. They are an opportunity to purge, rethink priorities, and be intentional about new habits. We can make our new normal any way we want. ~Kristin Armstrong

The natural human tendency is to resist change. Change invites the unknown and unfamiliar into your world. Even if you know the change is necessary, it doesn’t always mean that it’s easy. The ego mind will chime in with an opinion, too. Regardless of the moving parts around you, the constant is being gentle and loving yourself through the transition.

Change comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Sometimes it involves changing a limiting belief about yourself. Maybe it is shifting your perception of someone else. It could be starting a new job or a new relationship, or even ending an old one. Maybe it is relocating and finding a new home. Sometimes it’s a change of lifestyle to support your health and wellbeing. As you embark on the journey of transition, do so with love and acceptance…and the power of choice.


In order to truly purge, you need to have an awareness of what needs to go. You need to be willing to look honestly at what is working and what isn’t. Paying attention to your thoughts is a key factor in the purging process. You need to purge limiting beliefs or stories about yourself that aren’t true. Slow down the hum of your mind and notice the messages that race through it. Purge all the thoughts that are judgmental and demeaning. Make space for affirming positive thoughts that reflect the truth of who you are. Your thoughts impact your ability and motivation to purge other elements, like unhealthy eating habits or detrimental coping mechanisms. You need to open to your worthiness and claim your right to purge all that limits you and holds you back.

    Rethink Priorities

What do you want for yourself? For your life? How willing are you to put yourself and your needs as a priority? A familiar habit is to put the needs of others over your own needs. From young on, our culture supports acting in ways that are socially acceptable—honoring the social ‘norm’—often at the expense of being true to yourself. You are taught to tend to others through the modeled behavior of the adults in your life. Making yourself and your needs a priority is not selfish, egocentric, or unkind. It is the key to unlocking your dreams and talents, feeling fulfilled by all you do. This phase of transition is one that will be noticed by others in your life, especially those who became dependent on you to tend to their needs. Making yourself a priority doesn’t mean no longer caring for or helping others. It means that those actions are done from a place of balance within; your worthiness is completely independent of serving others.

    Be intentional about new habits

Being intentional includes a healthy dose of patience, encouragement, courage, and love. New habits don’t start with the push of a button. It is a gradual implementation of your intentions. This is another aspect of the inner work of transition. You need to be your own best cheerleader and foster a nurturing environment, both within you and around you, to support your transition and new habits. Start small—baby steps count—and allow for the organic expansion of the new habits. Claim your worthiness and know that you have the right and the ability to take care of yourself in a new way.

You can make your new normal any way you want.

Your secret ally throughout transition is your power to choose. There is always more than one option available to you. Ego mind may kick in with its tempter tantrum, throwing fear all over your plan, so choose to love yourself instead. Sometimes the choices may feel scary, but that doesn’t mean the choice is wrong. Notice what your heart has to say and follow that wisdom instead.

Transition is a beautiful, necessary aspect of growth. Embrace it with courage and love.

What are you currently moving through?

How can love and courage support you?

How have you implemented your power to choose?

Walking together in light, love, and peace 🙏

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