You are important enough to ask and you are blessed enough to receive back.
— Wayne Dyer

Receiving can be a bit more challenging than you may realize. How openly do you receive a smile from a stranger? How willingly do you receive a kind gesture, like someone holding the door for you? How easily do you receive a compliment? How graciously do you receive a gift of gratitude? How freely do you receive help? How readily do you receive spiritual support?

    What did you notice about your responses, mentally and physically, as you read through the list of questions above?

Receiving goes beyond getting gifts for your birthday, Christmas, or other holidays, for those are times of ‘normalized’ receiving. There is a cultural norm around gift giving and receiving on holidays or special occasions. The concept of receiving to dive into and explore is connected to your sense of personal value or worthiness. Do you believe you are worthy of receiving unanticipated ‘gifts’ from others?

Looking back at the first paragraph, notice how each of the gifts are connected to kindness. Are you worthy of receiving gestures of kindness? Reflect on how you answered the question in the second paragraph: What did you notice mentally and physically as you read the questions about receiving kindness? You will gain some helpful insight.

The initial list of questions gets more significant as it goes on, starting with receiving a gift of gratitude. When you do something kind for another or give them support in some way, receiving gratitude for that gesture can be challenging. Ideally, you don’t take part in the initial gesture to get something in return. Just the same, the person receiving may want to offer some form of gratitude. Being able to receive that gesture honors the intention of the other. This fosters mutual respect, gratitude, and kindness.

Receiving help can challenge your sense of self-worth. Some people resist asking for or receiving help because of a false belief implying that they are incapable of doing it themselves. This is far from the truth. People who offer to help genuinely want to support you and help you achieve your goal. It doesn’t come attached with the message of “you’re not good enough”. Receiving help equates to receiving love; someone loves you enough to offer a helping hand. If you find yourself resisting help, be curious enough to explore what’s behind it.

An even greater challenge to self-worth is receiving spiritual support. This may be getting ahead of another concept of being worthy of having a spiritual connection in the first place, but let’s focus on receiving, resting on the foundation of a spiritual connection. Not only are you worthy of asking for spiritual support at any time, in any manner, and in any location, you are worthy of receiving an answer and support. Ego mind loves to jump in at this point because the answer may not be obvious, so that must mean that you’re not worthy of support. Not true.

When you ask for spiritual support, you are asking from the needs held in your heart. Therefore, your heart needs to be involved in receiving the answer.

The answers tend to be subtle, and mindfulness is key in receiving them. Answers may come from song lyrics, billboards, conversations (directly or overheard), animals or nature, or a quiet little idea that suddenly pops into your head. Answers may involve the next step for you to take or a needed shift in your mindset. You are given what you most need to move through the moment you are facing. However, the bottom line remains the same. Your prayers are always heard and answered. You are worthy enough. Always.

Reflect on ways for you to open more fully to receiving. Incorporate the mantra: I am worthy of receiving. Breathe fully and take in the truth of the mantra.

Claim your worthiness and receive the bountiful gifts offered to you every day.

Walking together in light, love, and peace 🙏

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When I choose to receive,
I claim my worthiness.

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