The world is filled with so much noise and tension that it becomes easy to detach from what you are experiencing or how you are feeling. You numb yourself from what you are sensing because everything feels like too much. This pattern can lead to stress in the body, creating an imbalance among mind-body-spirit. Take a breath. Let’s explore some ideas how to move from numbness to peace.

Thoughts are energy. How you experience your thoughts makes a difference. Think of the phrase, “I’m fine.” There are many ways that short little sentence can be delivered. It can be dismissive, assertive, passive, or even non-committal. The energy in the delivery tells the truth behind that sentence. The same holds true for the energy of the thoughts that you don’t share out loud. Do a quick check-in right now. What thought(s) are running through your mind? What energy is present with the thought(s)? The invitation is to be free of judgment. Allow yourself to open to the awareness of the thoughts.
Be gentle with what you notice. The true nature of the thoughts might take you by surprise. Allow that to be so.
Once there is an awareness of the thought pattern, you can step into a place of curiosity as to what is feeding that thought. Where did it come from? Is it true? This opens the door to what is really going on for you and helps you understand what you really need.

Your body contains all the information about who you are. Many people struggle to have a healthy relationship with their bodies, feeling frustrated with pain or rejecting how it looks. If you find yourself pushing through fatigue, living in your head, ignoring pain signals, carrying tension or holding in your emotions, you would benefit from a healthier relationship with your body.
Emotions are an integral piece of body information. Emotions are energy in motion. As Newton taught us: an object in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. In the case of emotions, the mind tells us not to feel. If you choose not to feel the emotions, they get blocked and held within the body.
Take time randomly throughout the day and ask yourself, “How am I feeling?” Choose from sad, mad, glad, hurt, ashamed, or afraid. These are feeling words that are more informative than good, bad, fine, or ok. Once you’ve named it, ask yourself where you notice the sensation of that feeling in your body. The intention is to build a relationship-through awareness-with your body. This way, when you notice the pit in your stomach, you’ll be able to say, “This is fear kicking in. What am I feeling fear about?”

Spirit is your inner wisdom and basic nature. It is the connection between divine and your humanity, grounded in self-love and acceptance. When you trust and surrender to the inner wisdom of your spirit, you open to intuition and allow even more of your personal power to be ignited.
Your spirit contains your needs, too. You are the only one who knows what you need. Hoping that someone else is simply going to know your needs and fulfill them is an unrealistic expectation. Nobody else will be able to tell you what you need, either. When was the last time you asked yourself what you needed and took the time to listen to the answer?

Although there is a continual whirlwind of unknown around you, you can find peace by bringing awareness within.

• What thoughts are going through your mind?

• Are they true?

• What messages are they really offering?

• How are you feeling (sad, mad, glad, hurt, ashamed, afraid)?

• Where are you feeling it in your body?

• What do you most need in this moment?

• How are you honoring that need in order to fulfill it?

Through relationship with yourself, you can find peace amid the noise. Cherish the rich tapestry of who you are and find balance in your truth.

Walking together in light, love, and peace.

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