Why do you do what you do?

The intention of the question lies in relation to your work. Why do you have the job that you have? What aspect of your job inspires you?

The answers to these questions can be quite revealing.

Maybe you do what you do simply for the paycheck, which is all well and good...as long as you engage in another opportunity to feed your soul and fully utilize your gifts and skill set.

Maybe your job has become comfortable and familiar even though you're bored to tears and dread going to work every day. What are you doing about that? What are you doing to inspire yourself?

Maybe you love your job but feel the itch to broaden what you are doing, ready to make a bigger impact. Are you taking those steps?

Maybe you love what you do yet long to receive accolades and affirmation from somebody else. What happens when you don't receive what you crave?

The essence of what I'm getting at is to take an honest look at what you take part in every day, even if you're retired, and notice whether or not it is feeding your soul. You are the one in charge of what you do. What is your why?

The critical piece is to do what you do for YOU.

No, this is not egotistical.

When what you do is aligned and inspired, everybody else is taken care of. The worry can be put to rest.

When you are aligned and inspired, you know that you are giving your very best to the task.

When you are aligned and inspired, you know that you are honoring the highest intention of those with whom you are working.

When you are aligned and inspired, you know that you are leading from a place of love and not a place of fear.

When you are aligned and inspired by your why you experience joy.

Be sure that your why is all about you.


We are walking together while navigating our individual path to our hearts.

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