What do you do with personal information that is shared with you?

Seriously think about that.

Consider all possible facets: who shared it, how juicy it is, the impact of you being a source for the information...the damage it can do.

What do you do with personal information that is shared with you?

What you choose to do with the information speaks volumes about your character and trustworthiness.

What is your intention in the event you share with others without explicit permission from the source?

What do you hope to gain?

Trust is something that develops over time. Betrayals happen. They hurt. But how do you respond to that?

Do you use your hurt to then hurt someone else?

Do you violate trust by using that information against the person who shared it? Stabbing them with their own vulnerability?

Your own pain and wounds play a role in being trustworthy. The level of trustworthiness is dependent upon your willingness to touch those wounds and heal the pain. The closer the relationship is with the source of the information, the more fear joins in and rattles the pain cage.

Take responsibility for your pain. Be curious enough to seek healing. Let love be the foundation for all exchanges, not fear.

Support each other on this incredible journey of life, not tear each other down.

Build a safe community to navigate the raw and uncomfortable...TOGETHER...with trust and love guiding the way.



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