We all have a story.


Sometimes the story is embraced and sometimes it is rejected.


Sometimes we integrate our story and sometimes we want to tuck it away to never have to look at it again.


The important thing to understand is that our story helps inform who we are in this moment. The story doesn’t define us…it informs. There’s a big difference.


When we choose to let our story define us, the story holds all of the power. We choose to be held victim to the situation. We choose to cower to the overwhelming emotion we choose not to feel. We choose to allow the story to become our truth. The impact of these choices spills over into relationships-romantic, work, family, friends, etc. At some point in time, the pressure of feeling trapped becomes so strong that something needs to release.


“Sitting with our sadness takes the courage to believe

we can bear the pain and we will come out the other side.”


Leaning into the emotions that seem too much to bear allows for rebirth.


The release of all that we didn’t want to feel because the pain, sadness, fear, shame or other emotion was too much clears the slate. It makes room for connection. It makes room for love. It makes room for rebirth.

When we choose to let our story inform us, we hold the power. We gain the insight to what triggers us and what comes to the surface when we feel attacked or judged.














The list continues.


Understanding and integrating our story helps to break the chains that keep us stuck. We have clarity around the automatic responses to various people or situations. When there is clarity, there is awareness and the power of choice.


We become conscious about how we choose to respond to life.


We are empowered.


Empowered with knowledge about who we are.


Empowered to allow life to unfold without taking it personally.


Empowered to choose love…primarily of self.


Oftentimes empowerment requires assistance and support from professionals. There is no shame in seeking help. Sometimes we need someone to hold up the mirror so we can see our beauty…




You are worthy of love and support.


You are seen.


You are heard.


Who you are is important.

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