Be Yourself

Be yourself.


Sometimes those two words are enough to stir confusion and overwhelm.


What does it mean to be yourself?


Who are you?


Who do you know you to be?


Who do others know you to be?


**Spoiler alert** this is not going to answer the deep question of who you are. If your curiosity is still piqued, keep reading.


I will share my own belief around this idea, though. Although it may come across as somewhat esoteric, I believe we are love…divine expressions of love.


I believe we are all here to learn how to love ourselves and how to love others.


The beauty of life comes in our own unique expression of that love through our personalities, skill sets, gifts, trials and tribulations and the many people who come and go in our lives.


Some people have a gift of creativity and show their love through creative gifts, meals or activities.


Others have the gift of words and offer their uniqueness through poetry, stories (written or verbal), or personal notes.


Some people have the gift of listening and offer an open heart through being present with others when they need to talk.


Then there is the gift of physical ability where people can show their love through offering manual labor.


The gift of an intellect can come as solutions to problems, offering a different perspective or sharing new information.


I could go on and on but the core idea is the same. We all have different strengths in different proportions that offer a unique spin on life.


Regardless of whether or not you agree with me, I invite you to embrace all that makes you who you are.


I invite you to LOVE who you are.


I invite you to LOVE others for who they are.


The world needs all of the “wonderment” we each bring!

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