Faith is believing that the outcome will be what it should be, no matter what it is.
—Colette Baron-Reid

Faith is not restricted to the confines of a church, the auspices of a specific denomination, nor the perception of what is ‘holy’. Life itself is sacred; therefore, something that invites faith in.

Faith often feels most elusive in the midst of emotional overwhelm. I find it a lot easier to have faith and sense my spiritual connection when I’m floating on water rather than doing a doggie paddle to keep my head above water.

Where do I need faith?

The short answer is everywhere.

The answer that is more constructive and potentially thought-provoking for others includes:

I need faith that all of the steps I take to bring my body into a space of balance and healing are helping and effective.

I need faith that the old stories I struggle to release are indeed loosening their grip.

I need faith that I foster meaningful connections within interpersonal relationships.

I need faith that I have a safe landing place when I am feeling emotions.

I need faith that I can be seen and accepted for who I am.

I need faith that I have the courage within me to live in my joy regardless of whether or not anyone else can share in it.

I need faith that I have the ability to establish healthy boundaries in all areas of my life and to maintain them regardless of how they are received.

I need faith that I can embrace myself as lovable when I feel I’m on the outskirts with others.

I need faith that I am worthy of receiving support from others and not inconvenient.

I need faith that Spirit is always with me, holding me close, dancing with me, and wiping away my tears.

Faith is ever-present in the course of my day. Some days I feel a little lost and at sea and other days I feel as though Spirit is carrying me through.

Regardless of where I am or how I feel, the truth is that Spirit is always within and around me.

When I feel lost, it’s a reminder that I’m feeling fear and that a little listening within will serve me well. ❤ My morning prayer always includes the request for Spirit to act ‘through me, for me, and with me.’ When I pause to remember this request, it reminds me to have faith in all that I am experiencing. Although I may not understand the fullness of what is going on while it is happening, I know the importance of being present with it, regardless of the level of discomfort. I am growing daily in my faith regarding the unfolding and ripple of my words, actions, and emotions.

We are all messengers for Spirit. Sometimes the message is for others…but often the message is for ourselves.

Where do you need faith?

Walking together in light, love, and peace 🙏

Faith is believing that the outcome will be what it should be, no matter what it is. —Colette Baron-Reid Find faith at

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