Are you able to find beauty within judgment?

In other words, can you shift the lens?

I feel that the pandemic has invited this question into our awareness even though it is an important question all of the time.

For example, I feel quite tired as I am writing this. I had a restless night of sleep due to thoughts as well as body aches. I am faced with plenty of choices in this moment and throughout my day.

Can I find the beauty in my mind seeking answers and solace instead of being annoyed that I am tired? If my mind is wrestling with something, being rigid and resistant is only going to increase my fatigue. Can I shift the lens to knowing that there are people and activities that are important to me and questions popping up about them that are searching for resolution? It's a greater blessing to know that there is love and care present instead of being irritated by monkey chatter keeping me awake.

Can I find beauty in knowing that my body is seeking more support instead of being irritated that she aches? I am blessed with a strong body, yet one that easily gets out of alignment. I have the choice to acknowledge the beauty in listening to my body and having tools to help ease the aches.

Expanding beyond this very moment is the wavering motivation that rises and dips throughout the week...or day. Can I find the beauty in being gentle with myself and not pushing? Sometimes there needs to be a bit of a nudge to finish something (let's be honest...sometimes simply getting started!) but can it be done with the beauty of knowing that a little acceptance is needed?

We are surrounded by beauty in the spring. Everything is coming to life: trees are budding, flowers are blooming, the grass is growing, baby birds are hatching.

Beauty doesn't have to be restricted to what is going on outside.

There's immense beauty going on INSIDE...of me...of you.

There's beauty in exploring how you feel.

There's beauty in slowing down and allowing yourself some respite.

There's beauty in the lack of motivation.

There's beauty in the crabbiness. (Really, there is. It's a teacher reminding you that something within needs a little TLC!)

There's beauty in honesty.

There's beauty in freeing yourself from labels and expectations.

There's beauty in simply being.

There's beauty in being curious about what you need.

Where can you find beauty within?

How can you cherish the blossoming life within you like you cherish the beauty of life blossoming outside?

Where can you find beauty in another person?

Honoring your beauty in light, love, and peace.

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