My destination is no longer a place, rather a new way of seeing.
—Marcel Proust

I love the concept of growth being a new way of seeing. It makes a lot of sense to me. Growth can sometimes be construed as work, finding all that’s wrong and changing it, for the end goal of spiritual enlightenment. What exactly is spiritual enlightenment anyway? That phrase has a way of chaffing me when I read it or hear people talk about it.

Why not have a new vision, a new way of looking at the world…your life…yourself?

In reality, growth work involves perception. Am I looking through the lens of limiting beliefs or empowering myself? Am I seeing my weaknesses or my strengths? Am I living in the wound or living in the gift? Am I perceiving failure or receiving feedback? Am I hiding my gifts or allowing my gifts to be seen?

In each of the questions above, the answer isn’t connected to getting somewhere or achieving something, but rather about perception. Which lens am I looking through? What do I see when I look at myself? What would I like to keep? What would I like to shift?

The juiciest nuggets are in the process of growing, not the end goal. I believe that we all continue to grow and shift until we no longer take in air. It is an amazing opportunity that is offered to us each and every day.

I find it interesting to see how I attach value to myself in relation to what ‘role’ I am in. Do I offer the same value as a wife/sister/friend as I do as a healer? The answer is yes, but the question then becomes…do I always believe that to be true? Herein lies an example of the impact of perception that influences a growth opportunity.

Another example is how I perceive myself in light of somebody else having a less than ideal reaction or response to me. Do I still know my value and worthiness in my heart or do I let the reaction shake my foundation? It’s about letting the emotion be alive in that moment and avoid letting the rational mind take over. I’m quite skilled at ‘knowing’ the right answer, but do I allow myself to feel what happens within, use it to guide me and deepen what I know?

When I reflect on the dreams I have for my future, perception plays a huge role. Am I able to see me and my dreams free of expectations or do I let fear of the perceptions of others get in my way? It is critical for my vision to be exactly that…MY vision.

A new way of seeing has an expansive impact on myself as well as my interactions with others.

I invite you to noodle around with the questions posed in my musings. Share your ideas or thoughts below. Let’s see if we, together, can create a new way of seeing.

Walking together in light, love, and peace.

My destination is no longer a place, rather a new way of seeing. —Marcel Proust Shift your vision at

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