Where is your heart? (Not physically, of course.)


What is your heart drawn to?


How often do you listen and respond?


What if you allowed your heart to be in every single moment, allowing every moment to be a treasure?


While writing this blog, I allow my heart to be open and here. I find the treasure in connecting to what is coming up and moving for me and sharing it through this medium. I find the treasure in slowing down all of the other moving parts around me to be here, in this moment, connecting to my own inner sanctuary.


It would be a gift beyond measure if every moment allowed for easy access to the heart. Yes, it does, but humanness happens. Growth opportunities are continually presenting themselves and the response can take the focus, leaving the treasure potentially buried under judgment, fear or expectations.


Emotional connection is an area where the heart presence is mandatory. Compassion is present when the heart is present and open. The same holds true for gentleness. Emotional connection is being with another person, opening the heart, and allowing them to be the treasure in that moment. It’s not about how to respond or fixing the situation. It’s about allowing the other person to be the treasure. When that mindset is there, the heart is open and the rest unfolds very naturally.


With the pace of society, it is easy to miss the treasures present in each moment. Minds  race, clocks keep ticking, to-do lists get longer, demands for attention increase…where is the treasure? Where is your heart?


When down time actually happens, where is your heart? Are you too tired to experience the treasure around you? Would you rather disconnect from everything around you than find your treasure?


Opening, listening or following the heart takes vulnerability (which reads as…SCARY!). Yet the urging to be connected and experience the treasures is strong and palpable.


As I continue my exploration and journey of deepening emotional connection, I, too, find myself faced with the fear of the response of others…and me.


I want to be heard and not fixed.


I want to be seen and not shamed.


I want to be a treasure and not a burden.


When the growth moments constrict and squeeze, I also need to find my heart and remember that I am a treasure.


It’s necessary to create and nourish healthy emotional connection within ourselves AND with other people. This is how we can find our treasure in every moment of every day.


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