This list is what immediately came to my mind around nature. I’m sure if I spent more time with it, the list would be much longer. To take all of that in as a reflection of what lies within me…wow. That’s a lot to absorb and also begs the question, “Why don’t I go there more often?”


Struggles happen. Life offers them to us as a stepping stone, giving us the reminder that there is always more to learn, discover and be curious about. The important part is to remain free of the attachment to the struggles or to become a “victim” to them. As I have been taught: pain in life is inevitable; suffering is optional.


When the bumpy days present themselves, it is a gift to remember the beauty and strength within. The greater part of that gift is when we can remind ourselves of that without seeking it from somebody else. However, when it freely comes from somebody else, that, too, is a gift. The point is that each of us holds immensity and magnificence within that we tend to forget.


I was networking earlier today and was reminded of the 10-10-10 rule. When there is struggle, conflict or a tough decision, ask these questions to yourself: “Will this matter in 10 minutes (or hours)? Will this matter in 10 months? Will this matter in 10 years?” The answer to those questions will offer tremendous guidance, bringing the reminder to breathe and quiet the fear monkeys rattling the cages in the mind.


It’s one thing to tell ourselves that everything will be ok. It’s another thing completely to embrace it in our heart and to deeply know the truth.


All of which leads back to the fine art of balancing and realizing that balancing is a fluid process that is always taking place.


Balancing life experiences with the magnitude of our within.


Balancing struggles with the lessons unfolding.


Balancing boundaries with vulnerability.


Balancing deep healing with integration.


Balancing gentleness and strength.


Balancing the outer world with the inner world.


I invite you to go back to the beginning of this blog and add “I am” in front of each of those words. For an extra boost of empowerment, say it aloud.

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