It is vital to love and be loved just as it is important to acknowledge the different sources of that love.


It is human nature to desire to receive love and affirmation from outside sources. It is of even greater importance to offer love and affirmation to ourselves. For how are we to receive love if we don’t perceive ourselves to be worthy of receiving love…especially the love we deeply crave?


The beliefs we hold about our worthiness have a direct impact on the ability to both give and receive love. It is easy to let the mind engage in fear-driven thoughts, creating vivid stories to fill in the gaps of how we think we are perceived. What if we could love ourselves regardless of the choices we make? What if we could see the choices we made as learning opportunities for growth instead of fatal flaws?


Sometimes the lack of self-love is demonstrated through not speaking our needs. I’m not referring to materialistic needs, either. I’m referring to emotional needs and the desire for presence. “I need you to offer me your thoughts on what I shared with you.” “I need you to be patient with me today because I’m feeling overwhelmed.”  “I need you to be with me as I share a challenge I faced today.”


Do you love yourself enough to give voice to the desires of your heart?


It’s also important to connect to Divine Source, in the term of respect that resonates with you. Divine Source is Love.


We are created in Love.


We are here to be Love.


When we forget our connection to Divine Source, fear sneaks in. Overwhelm floods us. Judgment runs rampant.


When we embrace our unique, individual connection to Love, we remember that we are all connected through Love. There is no separation from anybody.


Connecting to Divine Love fosters deeper self-love, which in turn supports love of others.


In the moment of conflict, loving yourself allows a softening of the heart. This opens the ability to love the other person with the understanding that the issue isn’t really about you, but something else that they’re facing. Holding true to Divine Love reminds us that we are lovable in every moment.


Part of the journey is about giving and receiving Divine Love.


Part of the journey is about giving and receiving self-love.


Part of the journey is about giving and receiving love from others.


But in essence…it’s all the same.


To love and to be Love.

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