You cannot create genius. All you can do is nurture it.
—Ninette de Valois

What does it mean to nurture your genius?

Better yet, do you believe you are a genius?

One definition of genius from the Merriam-Webster dictionary is: extraordinary intellectual power especially as manifested in creative activity.

So, let me ask again, are you a genius?

I believe we all have genius within us, waiting to be tapped and explored…and such joy in the process!

I am in the midst of several exciting, challenging, engaging projects professionally, each at a different place in the process. It’s a real gift to approach each day with a sense of ‘what will I discover today?’. There is a different kind of balancing act involved now, with the intention of mindfully giving attention to each project through the course of the week. Let’s not forget the joy of working with my clients, too!

One aspect-that is not surprising but fun to see-is that each project is a unique representation of the theme of waking up to the magnificence within. I was blessed with the opportunity to arrange piano accompaniments for a musical written by my friends Diane Bloom and Laura Fannon. The depth and scope of the musical is inspiring and I tapped into skills that I never really used before. I didn’t doubt my ability to create this way, I simply didn’t have the opportunity. When Diane presented the opportunity, I leaned in and said yes. I had my moments of overwhelm and added fun little dollops of pressure, but then I simply allowed. I nurtured what was within and let my fingers do the talking. There are still many aspects of the show that are in progress, but it’s really fun to play through the show and revel in what we have created.

Through the work on the show, I have been nudged to actually work with and create full pieces from the piano sketches I wrote last year. In addition to that, I have the joy of arranging a piano piece that Laura wrote and bringing that to life. My goal is to take the lessons from the show and apply it to what I have written—to allow and let my fingers do the talking. My job is to offer gentleness and nurturing while bearing witness to the creating. It is a true gift to bring expression to life through music, knowing that each piece is an invitation to those who hear it to connect to it as they are able.

The other project, not related to the show but connected by theme, is writing books two AND three of Fall in Love with the Whispers of Your Heart. I have a large portion of book two ready for first round edits and have gotten started on book three. When I pause and look at what is unfolding for me, I am in awe. The creative genius has been hanging out within me, waiting patiently for me to put it to use.

We all have this opportunity to nurture our genius within, creating the unique masterpieces simply waiting for the artist to arrive.

There is no right or wrong to the process, to the creation, to the end result. It is whatever you nurture and create it to be. Say yes to the nudges within. They’re not going anywhere; they’re waiting for you to show up.

What genius within you is waiting to be nurtured?

What is keeping you from saying “yes”?

Consider this your love nudge to explore, discover, and nurture your genius within.

Walking together in light, love and peace 🙏

You cannot create genius. All you can do is nurture it. —Ninette de Valois

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