Slowing down and going within.

Powerful work.

Yet it often seems to carry the price tag of fear.

What if the price tag was healing instead?

Would that be as exhilarating as when you see a "SALE" sign?

Generally speaking, you know what you've experienced in life. So why is it scary to use those experiences to help you grow?

You lived to see the other side of the experience. You're still here.

Why not be curious instead?

Why not open to the seemingly unknown and explore it like a treasure chest or cedar box in the attic?

Allow gentleness to walk with the curiosity and invite a spaciousness to the experience.

Be kind as you look within more intimately.

Check-in with what is going on mentally. What stories are being fed?

What are the thoughts popping up? What life experiences are connected to those thoughts? What is seeking healing?

Why is the tape loop of judgment, either of self or others, more alluring than healing?

Where did the belief around not feeling emotions originate? It would be an incredible gift to taste the richness of life by feeling emotions.

The beauty of the inner work lies in the continual revealing.

There's no short-term adrenaline rush like getting a great deal on a new pair of shoes.

But the healing lasts...

and continues...

and deepens...

and enriches...

and informs...

and YOU are the constant recipient.

When you receive the gift of healing, it manifests in sharing it with others.

What is your initial response to this blog? Feel free to share it below.

How do you take care of yourself mentally? Emotionally?


Take the time to REALLY check in with yourself.

You are worth it.

Ask the tough questions. There will be a gem in the midst of the answer.

In light, love, and peace.


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