In moments of uncertainty,
when you must choose between two paths,
allowing yourself to be overcome by either the fear of failure or
the dimly lit light of possibility,
immerse yourself in the life you would be most proud to live.
~ Adam Braun

I love living in the space of possibility. Admittedly, for as much as I love it, I still get poked by fear and its side kick “what if”.

Throughout the course of my personal spiritual journey, I have learned that saying “no” really isn’t an option. Once I opened myself to the divine love nudges, the only answer is “yes”. Seriously. For as much as I might want to question the nudge, it doesn’t get me anywhere except stuck; stuck for as long as it takes for my answer to be yes.

As I allow the ‘yes’ to live more fully in my being, my lens starts to shift and possibility presents itself just about anywhere I look.

I have been playing piano for over 30 years. (As an aside, that stat alone makes my head spin!) During my time of taking lessons and exploring career options, composition was nowhere on my radar. I had no need for it to be. Or so I told myself. I always had a sense that there was more I was supposed to do with my playing, but nothing felt like it lined up with the nudge. As I became more immersed in energy and crystal healing, the nudge felt stronger to somehow tie in my piano playing with my healing practice. I simply couldn’t figure out what I was being guided to do. (I know…right under my nose!)

When the pandemic lockdown descended upon me, I had more time on my hands and I found myself at the piano more often. Short little melodic phrases started popping into my head…so I scribbled some cryptic notation and harmonies in a manuscript notebook. One might just call those divine nudges towards composition…

I am now composing piece #11 and wondering what my first cut-off point will be so I can get a CD recorded!

These pieces are inspired from within, connected to the journey of growth and exploration. They are gentle in nature and will be ideal background music when I am working with my clients. Voila! The long-anticipated tie-in!

Now, as exciting as all of this is, I still get the little niggling from judgment and fear. I sometimes hear that little monkey chatter criticizing the pieces…the length…the content…the whatever-else-should-be-criticized-thing. Then I take a breath and remind myself that this music, regardless of how anyone else perceives it, came through me to be written. I am merely the vessel. I know this to be true on so many levels. As I work on the pieces at my piano, I’m already getting flooded with ideas of what else I can do with the music. I have the ability to do both acoustic (grand piano only) versions as well as enhanced versions with digital support of other instruments.

In order to do either option, I purchased a fancy-dancy gizmo that has been a challenge to build familiarity with. I am a techno-capable person. This gizmo requires the ability of a techno-savvy person. However, my passion for possibility inspired me. I became a member of a FaceBook group specifically for the gizmo (still kind of can’t believe I did that…) and researched video on top of video on YouTube AND reached out to tech support. I embraced knowing that I didn’t know what I needed to know (did you follow that?) and asked for help. When answers came that still didn’t make complete sense, I asked more questions. I gave myself permission to not know the answer. I allowed for growth and learning with an open mind. The cherry on the sundae was that a member of the FB group invited me to reach out privately if I had more questions. I now have my own Tascam tutor! Yes, I really am that excited about it. To top it off, I know that I only know the bare minimum of what this gizmo can do. I’m jumping into possibility with both feet!

I have no solid idea what lies in store for me around composing, recording and gizmo-ing, but I do know that I opened the door to possibility.

I know that I am immersing myself in a life I am proud of. ❤

How has fear clouded possibility for you?

How will you let possibility inspire you?

Walking together in light, love, and peace 🙏

Immerse Yourself in Possibility Blog

When I choose to immerse myself in possibility,
I live a life I am proud of.

**Editorial note: I attempted several times to add short samples of some of my compositions, but there must be a trick that I'm missing. Time to immerse myself in possibility and discover what I have to learn!

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