Today I choose to feel life,
not to deny my humanity
but embrace it.
—Kevyn Aucoin

What does it mean to embrace your humanity?

To me, embracing my humanity means knowing my strengths and weaknesses, my habits and quirks, and allowing for the exploration of feeling my feelings. Essentially, embracing my humanity means connecting with my own self from the inside out.

One component of connection with yourself is through emotions. How are you feeling (beyond good, bad, ok, fine)? Choose from sad, mad, glad, hurt, ashamed, afraid. Are you able to honestly answer that question?

Emotions provide you with an inner barometer that informs outer decisions.

For example, you are feeling frustrated (mad) with something going on at home. One scenario is to ignore it and then lash out at your co-workers, clients or anyone else who didn’t immediately read your mind and respond accordingly. The other option is to acknowledge the frustration and give yourself permission to feel that way. The gentleness you offer to yourself will inspire calmer, kinder interactions with those at work. The more resistance you offer to feeling frustrated (or any other emotion), the more that energy kicks up within you. Emotions are energy in motion. They need to move through you in order to be released. The more resistance offered, the greater the build-up of energy and the higher the likelihood of lashing out.

Using the example above, giving acknowledgement to the frustration is an understanding or connection to yourself. You feel and notice what is going on inside. You name it. Give yourself permission to feel it, knowing you have a right to feel how you feel. In this moment, there is also joy; inner contentment of understanding how you’re feeling and allowing for it to be so.

Having feelings means you’re human.

Yet feelings are the very things that people attempt to avoid. After all, how many ‘likes’ would your social media post get if you looked sad or angry instead of over-the-moon (regardless of whether or not that’s how you actually felt)? Feelings come with helpful information.

As a personal example, I hit on an uncomfortable truth when I was journaling. It was big enough to cause me to pause, breathe, and let some tears fall. I named both the sadness and the anger that were present in that moment, but felt unprepared (or maybe unwilling…) to explore any further. I asked for spiritual support in being with the information and grace to allow myself to be in the space I was in. When I went to do some errands, I found myself getting impatient with some interesting parking lot driving choices of others. Knowing the tender space I was in, I took a breath and just waited for people to figure themselves out. I found enough grace in that moment to shift my perspective and bring inner peace while there was outer chaos. I chose knowing my inner landscape rather than reacting to what was going on around me, especially since I had no idea what they were in the midst of themselves.

Embracing your humanity opens the door to allowing others to embrace their own humanity.

We don’t live in a perfect world. Pretending that we are perfect isn’t the solution. Being real about who we are and how we feel is the cornerstone to making things different.

The most important decision is for you to choose to embrace your humanity. And it is a choice. One that is presented to you multiple times throughout each day. Give yourself permission to feel and notice what happens as a result…inner calm…outer calm…increased energy…and so much more.

What is your inner barometer telling you?

How can you embrace your humanity?

Walking together in light, love, and peace 🙏

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When I choose to embrace my humanity,
I experience joy.

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