Growth: Exciting and New.

I get the goofy urge to sing that to "The Love Boat" theme song, inserting growth in place of love. Interestingly enough, that's an unexpected bonus insight.

Growth occurs where there is love.

I'm kind of enamored with that bonus nudge. It's not that this is new information but it brought even more light to all that I am embarking upon. When I give myself permission to pause and reflect on all that is unfolding, I'm somewhat amazed at what I'm stepping into.

For starters, I initiated being a guest on a podcast. (A link will be shared once it is available.) I chose to lean into my spiritual journey and share it. I made a big step, allowing aspects of me and my journey to be heard by an unknown number of people. Growth.

I also initiated doing video nuggets about my book and book-writing journey. This, too, was a big step for me. I'm intentionally sharing my experience and inviting others to step into their personal journeys. The outer wrapping on those videos is about my book, but the interior is my invitation to look within. Growth.

After a long period of time, I leaned in to make a networking connection with Susie, the owner and "herbalist" at Aromatic Blessings. I have been known to shy away from reaching out to make connections because I fear the awkwardness of what to say and everything else that goes with it. Guess what? The conversation was fluid and easy, as though we've known each other forever and were catching up like old friends. This journey will continue to unfold. Growth.

I've also started a YouTube page. Here you can find guided mantras, short nuggets on crystals (coming soon), along with whispers of your heart nuggets. Subscribe to my page and come along for the journey! Growth.

The common thread in each of these moments of growth was fear.

The real growth came when I loved myself enough to lean into the fear and take the first step. Everything else unfolded from there. There continue to be glitches along the way, but the growth truly is exciting. I'm still learning and still making mistakes. (I won't mention that I've already attempted 5 different takes on my first crystal nuggets video...maybe I should've saved them for an out-takes playlist!)

My point in all of this is to invite you to lean into the fear, tap into self-love, and open yourself to growth.

Take a moment to reflect on what you have been doing and notice the growth you have experienced (without judging it!).

Walking together in light, love, peace, and GROWTH.


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