Determination includes setting boundaries, such as limiting the amount of information taken from the outside. It also requires a loving dose of courage in order to stay true to you, especially in uncertain times when your view may differ from somebody else’s.

People continually have to face more and more decisions regarding the pandemic, everything from school to social gatherings. It can be overwhelming and especially challenging to those who like to be able to plan or have a clear sense of what is going on. It is easy to feel like we're all swimming in a sea of muck, waiting for someone to untangle us from the knot of seaweed we got stuck in.

Determination is important at times like this, knowing that even though there is still so much uncertainty, we are navigating little by little. And that counts. We need to carry on, living life in this moment...and then the next moment...and then the next.

It can be challenging to stay focused on what is aligned and right for you and your family. Return to school or don't. Return to work in person or don't. Attend a social gathering or don't. You get the idea. You have to stay true to what is in alignment for you. You need determination because along with your choice will come judgment and opinions from others.

The pandemic has shaken our familiar foundation, forcing us to wake everything. It challenges us to ask ourselves the tough questions regarding our thoughts and actions that we may have fallen asleep to.

How do I treat other people?
What is important to me?
Am I strong enough in my beliefs to face those with different beliefs?
Am I courageous enough to bear peaceful witness to those with different beliefs?
Who will I listen to?

At the core of it all, we need to be determined to treat ourselves with gentleness, awareness, and openness...and do the same for others.

Use the reflection questions below to further your awareness. Watch the video to the right to be guided along the process.


Take a breath and notice your body.

Describe the physical sensation of determination in your body.

How can you use that information to help you?


Take a breath and be with the word determination.

What thoughts come up around determination?

How can you use this information to guide your determination with gentleness?


Take a breath and bring awareness to your heart center.

What gets in the way of your determination?

What boundaries can you set to support yourself?


When I choose to listen within, I inspire determination.

Walking together in light, love, peace...and determination.

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