Freedom and happiness are found in the flexibility and ease with which we move through change.
~ Gautama Buddha

Change is inevitable. It is constantly happening around you and within you. Some of it is more obvious and some is quite subtle, even imperceptible. The changes that are most resisted are the changes you are aware of or being asked to step into.

There are many different areas in your life that are affected by change. Sometimes you don’t want to step into change because it stirs up feelings of discomfort just thinking about what must be done. Other times you are faced with change due to circumstances outside of your control. Either way, fear is building up, distorting your sense of enough-ness to handle the situation.

If you have ever seen a contortionist, you have seen how breath, flexibility, trust, and knowing oneself influences the ability to change. Even though it is an empowered choice to twist and contort, these elements are still present. You, too, have the ability to make empowered choices when faced with change.


When you slow down enough to take a mindful breath, you welcome a fresh space of calm within you. In that brief moment, the mental chatter gets interrupted, and you are plopped into the present moment. Noticing the change that happens, you are empowered to take another mindful breath, continually shifting your response to what is in front of you. The breath allows for a natural reset and the opportunity to access your inner resources. The body is more fluid and adaptable when breath is present.


As you embark upon your day, be fluid and flexible towards how you hope it will unfold. Keeping an open mind will allow greater ease of adaptation when something unexpected happens. You can still have a plan in mind, simply avoid getting attached to it being the only possibility. Be willing to compromise or open to new ways of approaching things. Open to learning something new. You might just surprise yourself and appreciate the change that happened as a result of being flexible.


Believe in yourself. Trust that you are capable of adapting and accomplishing whatever it is that comes before you. Claim your enough-ness. You are smart enough, capable enough, and open-minded enough. Know your strengths and gifts and trust that you have all you need within you. You have the ability to respond to change with grace and acceptance. Trust in yourself.

    Knowing Yourself

When you know yourself, you are better equipped to handle change. One level of knowing yourself is acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses. Work to your strengths and ask for help in the areas that are less comfortable for you. Another level of knowing yourself is understanding your emotional response to change. Do you tend to get frustrated when asked to do something new or are you chomping at the bit for something fresh? Do you openly receive help and insight from others, or do you resist it because you think it ‘makes you look stupid’? Are you willing to stumble as you learn something new, or does that stir up feelings of embarrassment or shame? These are important aspects of knowing yourself that impact your ability to be flexible around change.

As you read this, notice how your thoughts are changing.

How do you feel when you read about change and flexibility?

What limiting beliefs or old stories come into play?

Experience the freedom of being who you are instead of striving to be in control and appear as perfect.

Savor the joy of dancing with life as it unfolds before you.

Walking together in light, love, and peace 🙏

Freedom and happiness are found in the flexibility and ease with which we move through change. ~ Gautama Buddha

When I choose to be flexible,
I experience freedom and happiness.

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