When you have a strong support system, you have the freedom to express yourself in whatever capacity you can.
—Shweta Menon

There are many different types of support: emotional, moral, spiritual, physical, and mental support. They can be interrelated yet uniquely individual. Support is not about ‘fixing’ a situation or taking on the responsibility for another person. I like to think of it as a boost…imagine interlaced fingers, cupped hands, and someone placing their foot in your hand. The boost of support is like a sprinkle of fairy dust, revealing your own inner magic.

While support from others is helpful and important, it is meaningful to notice how you support yourself.

Emotional Support
Emotional support involves sitting with yourself while you are experiencing your emotions; allowing yourself to express them as needed without correcting yourself. As counter-intuitive as this may sound, emotional support isn’t about understanding why you are feeling how you feel. It doesn’t matter if it makes sense or not. Emotional support offers acceptance, affirming your worthiness and the right to feel how you feel. Acceptance lightens the load in order to experience freedom and continue to express yourself.

If you resist feeling your emotions, it will not be easy for you to receive support from anyone. Give yourself permission to honestly feel how you feel. Support yourself in accepting that emotions arise to assist you in some way. Trying to push away your feelings won’t bring you the freedom you hope to experience. True expression and creativity come as a beautiful result of being in tune with your emotions.

Moral Support
Moral support connects to what beliefs you are aligned with and what is important to you. It integrates with self-love and respect. As you deepen your sense of self and worthiness, you open to inner moral support. You trust in your inner guidance to act with integrity and make choices that honor your highest good as well as that of others.

Physical Support
Taking care of your physical body is an often ‘brushed-aside’ task. In reality, your physical body supports you much more than you may give it credit for. Offering your body physical support includes a healthy diet, plenty of sleep, adequate hydration, and regular activity or exercise. This support builds the capacity for your body to get you through the long days, the tough workout, or carrying too many bags of groceries at once. Your body holds all of the essential parts of you being you. Without your body, you wouldn’t be here. Be grateful for your body and support it so it can be your vehicle for freedom and expression.

Mental Support
Just as physical support includes being mindful of what you are feeding yourself, mental support involves much the same, but through words instead of food. Mental support is integral to your over-all well-being. It will be quite a challenge to experience freedom and creative expression if the food you are feeding your mind is toxic and loaded with unhealthy tidbits. I am a strong advocate for mental health and receiving support through therapy. The focus of the blog is about inner support, but I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the benefit of professional support. There is no shame in receiving support for mental health. Sometimes it’s necessary to have a safe place to purge, process and be seen in the vulnerable truth of what you are experiencing. I am proud to admit and offer gratitude for my psychologist. She’s helped me through some pretty gnarly stuff. Between my regular visits with her, I offer myself mental support through journaling, prayer, and a willingness to notice the chatter that runs through my head. The awareness and support I offer myself is reinforced during my time with her. I can attest to the freedom I am experiencing and the creative expression that continues to emerge.

Spiritual Support
Spiritual support includes the divine connection within you in addition to divine support around you. Everyone has access to spiritual support. It comes down to what you believe combined with opening your awareness to how Spirit works within, through and around you. Spiritual support sort of blurs the line between inner support and external; it’s rather permeable. Sometimes the support is received through an intuitive nudge while other times it’s a hint from nature or another person. There is no definitive way in which you receive spiritual support, which can be tough for the ego-mind that likes to control everything. Oftentimes, the willingness to believe in spiritual support comes before actually believing in spiritual support. Invite yourself to open to the possibility of spiritual support, regardless of where you are with your belief around it. Let your curiosity guide you and receive what you are able to receive.

No one can do the job of loving and supporting yourself better than you can.

You, alone, know all of the pieces to the puzzle.

This doesn’t mean that support form others isn’t beneficial; it’s about embracing all aspects of you and being your own best cheerleader.

In what ways do you offer support to yourself?

How can you boost the level of support you offer to yourself?

What will you do today to support yourself?

Walking together in light, love, and peace 🙏

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When I choose to support myself,
I am empowered.

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