Who do you turn to when you are in need?

Who is your most reliable source of support and understanding your needs?

There are plenty of viable answers for this question: spouse, partner, friend, sibling, parent.

Did you include yourself as an option?

How about universal guidance in whichever form resonates with you (God, Spirit, Divine, All That Is, Allah, and many more)?

The habit of turning to someone outside of you is a familiar, well-worn path. It's not to say that you won't receive support from others, because you can and you will. I know I have and will continue to do so. What I'm challenging you to consider is that nobody knows what you need like you do.

The frustration mounts when you turn to someone, expecting them to offer EXACTLY what you need in any given moment, and they fall short. In reality, that's unfair and unrealistic. They will be able to offer you what they are capable of offering with limited information. Are you able to be at peace with that or will it trigger something else?

Culturally, we have learned to consume and seek external fulfillment for inner needs.

Consider this your invitation to explore how you're feeling. Being curious as to what is going on. Sincerely asking yourself what you need. The invitation doesn't mean that you can't receive support from others. It means that you will find answers within that nobody outside of you will know.

Going within also leads you to your divine connection. Your divine spark. Your own lifeline to an energy bigger than you yet contained within you. Regardless of where you are with the concept of Spirit, here's your nudge to open to the possibility that you are held and supported in ways you can't imagine. Nothing formal is required, only an open mind and an open heart.

Help me.

Love me.

Support me.

Teach me.

Heal me.

Guide me.

All of which are beautiful things to ask of yourself, too.

Allow your true source of support to come from within you and cherish the human connection from trusted individuals as guides on your path...walking WITH you.

In light, love, peace...and support.

Asking for help

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