Rest until you feel like playing,
then play until you feel like resting, period.
Never do anything else.
~Martha Beck

Play is an essential aspect of life that seems to fall out of the picture as we get older. My suggestion is to re-focus your priorities and include play in your life. It doesn’t matter what your ‘play speed’ is, simply engage in play.

As adults, responsibility can thwart the desire to play. If allowed, adulthood erases the child-like joy of play and imagination. Play is critical for mental health. The mind needs an opportunity to reset. Play invites presence to what is in front of you, allowing for spontaneity and creativity to come alive.

I had the joy of playing hopscotch with two 8-year-olds a few weekends ago. I don’t even have a guess as to the last time I played hopscotch. It was so long ago that I had a hard time remembering all of the rules. It was okay, though, because we adjusted them as we went along! I loved the creativity, allowing for fun, goofiness, rule-bending, and the sheer joy of playing. Although I was genuinely tired by the time we stopped, I was delighted to have shared that time with the girls. Being in the moment and savoring play was well worth the fatigue!

Another source of play for me is my Golden Retriever, Topaz. He is a year and a half old and loves to play! Playing with Topaz is free game. Everything is play-worthy. He doesn’t have any rules or requirements for play…only my attention. I love getting creative playing with Topaz, too. It’s a load of fun playing Hide-n-Seek and watching him jump with all four feet off the ground when he finds me! There is never a question of whether or not he is having fun. I also enjoy watching him entertain himself, rolling on his back, balancing toys in his front paws. He’s such a character…not to mention he sings when I play piano.

Following the winding path known as my career, I have settled into my niche with integrated energy and crystal healing, along with writing and composing. I have had other jobs that filled the need for income but didn’t always sustain a sense of joy and connection. When joy and connection are present, my job hardly feels like work. I thrive in the space of creativity for all aspects of what I do. When I am in the flow of my day, the time passes very quickly and I maintain a sense of inspiration. Even when I am working one-on-one with clients, there is joy and connection. The time quickly passes and the creativity within that space is palpable.

Play can include playing games, like board or card games, or creative activities like crafts or coloring. The options for play are endless. Are you a sports enthusiast? Then play could include a more active approach, like boating, running, skiing or skateboarding. Do you love history? Then play could include time in a museum, getting lost in the displays and allowing your imagination to run wild. Whatever it is that you love, use that to inspire play.

Erase the rules and let play guide you to the freedom to express what is within you.

    Give yourself permission to be free of rigid thinking.

    Let yourself get lost in curiosity and exploration.

    Shift the belief that being an adult means always being serious.

    Life is short. Go play.

What is your favorite ‘play’ activity?

When was the last time you played a game?

What did you love to play when you were a kid?

Skipping along together in light, love, and peace. 🙏

Time for Play

When I choose to engage in play,
my spirit is renewed.

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