~inspired by a session with a client



I am always learning from my clients, just as they are learning from me. It is an incredible flow that happens very naturally and effortlessly. Two key words kept coming up for my client and it came to me that we needed a “c” word ending in –ing to complete the ABC’s of our work; ‘our’ being all-inclusive. I hear myself using these words very often in my personal work as well as work with my clients that it only makes sense to allow for a more expansive look at what these words include. These are all action words, constantly fluid, without any sense of being completed.



*myself to be honestly present with what is going on-mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically

*the past to be what it is without the hope of it being different

*another person to be who they are

*another person to be where they are on their own journey

*my truth to be heard

*my gifts to be experienced and witnessed

*my flaws to be my teacher

*imperfection to exist vulnerably in my life

*conversation to be authentic

*my needs to be met

*my boundaries to be honored

*my beliefs to be important

*time to slow down

*my spiritual path to be uniquely mine

*synchronicities into my awareness

*my connection to nature to be sacred and honored

*myself to receive

*time for meditation, journaling, reading, crystal work for me

*my journey to unfold in Divine time

*my body to be as peaceful as possible as the discomfort arises

*myself to be vulnerable

*myself to love and be loved

*my heart to be open

*love to be my guide

*connection with others to grow and shift

*for possibility in every situation

*freedom from past experiences

*integration of my human self and spiritual self

*the peaceful feeling of joy to be ever present within

*room for new experiences

*people, things and experiences to be free of expectation

*the feminine power within to be a constant guiding presence in my life

*the list to continue far beyond what has already been acknowledged…♥



*the pace of my day

*the activities in each day

*my intentions in compassion

*my dreams and goals with Divine time

*my needs with the needs of others

*my thoughts in my heart

*the flow of energy in my body

*the movement of emotions within me

*the nutritional needs of my body

*the ego with discernment

*how much I give others

*my alone time with social time

*how I use my time, between work and play

*mindless activities with mindful activities

*listening with my heart

*the remaining ideas that are within me, still awaiting their time to come into awareness…♥



*unhealthy patterns

*fear into personal power

*resistance into courage

*pain into knowledge

*anger into awareness

*old beliefs into truth

*weaknesses into strength

*unworthiness into magnificence

*not being enough into abundant gifts

*fear into love

*resistance into flow

*armor into boundaries

*expectations into open-ended possibilities

*attachment into freedom

*judgment into acceptance

*scarcity into abundance

*detachment into connection

*isolation into solitude

*judgment of the body into a powerful physical presence

*limiting beliefs into limitless potential

*the view of others

*the view of myself

*how I choose to invite others to see me

*how I choose to invite others to hear me

*my comfort of the magnitude of me ♥


Feel free to add to this list…or subtract. Whatever it is that you choose to do, I invite you to keep the ABC’s as present in your daily awareness as you are able. Share the ABC’s. Teach them to others, just as we were taught as children, with a twist of love-guided inspiration for daily living.

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