Time is a created thing.
To say 'I don't have time'
is like saying
'I don't want to.'
-Lao Tzu

There's a powerful message in that quote. When was the last time you said you didn't have time? Did you really mean you didn't want to?

It is far too easy to get caught in the trap of the idea of needing to get things done. I know I'm guilty. Even in the realm of responsibility for work, how often does that bleed into your weekends or evenings...by your choosing?

The value of taking time for yourself to rest and rejuvenate is essential to mental, physical, and emotional health. Although most of us would nod our heads in agreement, how often do we actually allow that time for ourselves?

The onset of the pandemic allowed for more time to do what feeds my soul, like playing piano and taking hikes. As my business was able to reopen, my time shifted. I no longer had the freedom (so I told myself) to pause and connect to what feeds my soul because there was a different demand on my time. I didn't have the obvious cushion of time (according to my calendar) to 'play' because of deadlines. Although there is partial truth to that, I can admit to rigidity within the boundaries I set for myself. It's a counter-intuitive little dance I have with myself and my boundaries around time.

Because I own my own business, I have to hold myself accountable for all aspects of my work: from in-person sessions to social media posts, blogs, newsletters and all aspects of my book publishing and marketing. There are weeks when I'm pressed to get to all that I need (or want...?) to get to. And for as much as I love my work and am fed by it, life isn't all about work.

I just returned from an extended weekend of camping, an annual trip that feeds my soul. Everything slows down. All meals are cooked over the fire. We eat when we're hungry. We're not glued to our phones. There is no pressure to do anything. We get to simply be.

My soul is rested.

My spirit renewed.

I often walk away from those camping trips with the vow to take time more often. It doesn't need to be an extended weekend, but time to slow down and unplug; to do SOMETHING that feeds my soul.

Life needs to be nurtured within you.

Take time to do just that.

What feeds your soul?
When will you take time to do that activity?
What level of commitment can you offer yourself to repeat taking time?

Walking together in light, love, peace...and taking time.

Time is a created thing. To say 'I don't have time' is like saying 'I don't want to.' -Lao Tzu

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