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Success entails having a vision or goal and taking the steps necessary to achieve it. Success can also be achieving fame and fortune. Both are accurate definitions of success according to the dictionary so it's important to know what you align to.

For me, I resonate with achieving a goal or vision. Being known and having financial abundance are lovely perks of success, but not what drive me. I feel a stronger connection to the 'why' (my vision/goal) in what I am doing.

With all of the distractions stripped away, I sit with the fullness of my why. The vision seems monumental while at the same time  profoundly small. If I hold my why in every moment, I achieve success often. If I get wrapped up and trapped in the magnitude, I stumble and have to regroup.

In the midst of it all, I have grounding in my why and alignment in what I do. I keep saying yes. I have the endless gift of time...even in the midst of a full schedule...and I have the choice how to use it.

I have the opportunity to invest time and effort into my why and witness the unfolding.

I am learning how to surrender as I commit to my why.




It is empowering and humbling at the same time.

There is much to come...all in divine time.

What is your why?


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