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Beginnings and endings. With one comes the other. We face them constantly in our lives, sometimes without our awareness. And sometimes with intentional choice.

The endings that I was wrestling with earlier in the year are coming to completion. The once familiar career path of being a piano teacher is no longer what I hang my hat on. After 25 years of sharing my love of piano playing through teaching, it's now going to look different. I have 'ended' my job as a teacher and am opening to the beginning. How will I share my love of piano playing? What will that look like? Continued collaborative work? Focus on solo work? Composing and creating? All I really knew was that the nudge for a shift was palpable. I knew I wanted to have closure while my love and commitment were strong and not worn out from trying to do too much. I will always be a teacher...though it will look different.

The ending included honoring what I knew was best for me while respecting all students involved. There was anticipation...memories...laughter...sadness. The art of ending includes being with the fullness of those feelings without letting it rattle my choice...being open to the unknown...being willing to step into something more vulnerable yet more connected...feeling inspired by possibility.

I am also wrapping up a 15-year commitment to a faith community and choir that has become family to me. This brings a whole different set of questions, including the vibrancy of the social circle connected to it. This was another challenging decision, though largely based on focusing my energy and avoiding burn out from spreading myself too thin. It will all look so different after June 30th...

The art of beginning includes not having a clear roadmap of what is to unfold for Lux Eterna Healing and what I bring to it. More training? More classes offered? More connection to my piano playing? More of something that I'm not even aware of yet? I am eager and inspired to see what each day offers.

May we all be inspired by possibility and embrace the endings and beginnings as they flow seamlessly throughout our days.

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