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Untie your knot.

Let the stories unravel.

Experience the chafing upon your release.

Loosen what has held you tightly.

And don't forget to lean into the overwhelm of what is exposed.

Knots are the old stories and beliefs that keep us trapped and bound to what was.

As I untie my knot, it's interesting to notice that I have a fear of goofing things up and ruining what is unfolding. There is most likely an enough-ness piece, but the headliner in this story is making a mess of things. How can I possibly make a mess of something I haven't even dug into yet?

It's as though I'm waiting for someone to tell me to 'knock it off' because it's not going to happen. Maybe that's a deserving piece...?

I know I'm on the path that demands my whole being so why does it feel like I'm dancing on a high wire without a net?

I need to shift my focus to the dancing part and not the missing net.

I feel the most connected to what I am doing now more than I ever have. Yet I really don't have a clear view as to what is to come and what is being asked of me. There are many possibilities that keep popping into my head yet many missing pieces.

I get the sense that a big part of this has to do with the fact that this is the first time I feel like I am doing what I want without feeling like I have to make others comfortable with my choice. And that's really kind of uncomfortable in its own way. What a weird little dichotomy!

It's like a birthday party gift opening. I'm unwrapping all of my gifts while everyone is watching, oohing and aahing accordingly. Not surprisingly, I never cared for those moments. I always felt uncomfortable, knowing that there was anticipation of my response to their gift.

I'm obviously still untying my knot as I write this...

All I know in this moment is that I have said yes to being me.


And I will lovingly and gently untie every knot I come across.

I gratefully accept my birthday presents and receive all of the oohing and aahing along the way!

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