The word alone can have a wide range of impact on people.

What does it bring up for you?

"Prayer: a conversation opening to intimacy" ~A. Ruane

"Prayer seems to be a matter of waiting in love, returning to love, trusting that love is the increasing stream of reality." ~Fr. Richard Rohr

We are experiencing an unstable time in the midst of a pandemic and the current political climate. It's necessary to have tools in our kit to help us navigate and be with the big emotions that are being stirred up.

Prayer doesn't have to be tied in to a specific denomination. Prayer is a conversation or putting something out to the universe. There are no rules, no requirements, no restrictions. It is a willingness to offer what is on your heart and mind and receive support in return.

When the raw, vulnerable truth comes out in prayer, you are opening yourself, freeing yourself from the restrictions of your fears and emotions. It is NOT complaining. "Prayer is a plea in quiet desperation allowing our hearts to cry." (p.2)

Prayer doesn't need to be fancy or formal, either. It can be as simple as "help me." It can take place anytime, anywhere and in any form. Prayer allows you to get a clearer idea of what you are carrying within.

Here is a brief excerpt of reflection questions from Fall in Love with the Whispers of Your Heart regarding prayer.

Take a deep breath and offer the words of your heart in prayer.

How did you react?

What did you notice?

Repeat the offering often, allowing yourself to get to know what is in your heart.

When I choose to open my heart in prayer, I open myself to Love.

Walking together in light, love, peace...and prayer.

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