Each day learn something new, and just as important, relearn something old.
-Robert Breault

It's all too easy to numb yourself through routine and close off to the newness of each day. Although your day or work may fall into a habitual groove, it doesn't mean there aren't new things to learn and experience each day.

You can use nature as an example. The sun rises and sets each day, yet the time varies slightly. The clouds come into play and influence how much of the sun you actually see and experience. The flowers that bloom vary, depending on the season, the amount of rainfall, and even the time of day. Each day is familiar and routine in nature, yet there is always something different.

There are plenty of ways to open to learning something new each day. You could have a spontaneous conversation with someone while running errands or grabbing a coffee. You read a newsbrief that pops up on your phone. You follow your curiosity and end up with a great idea for your project. This is just a small sample of the plethora of learning opportunities available each day.

Learning something new keeps your mind and heart open to that which lies beyond your experience.

Just as learning something new comes in a variety of ways, so does relearning something old. It could be tuning up your bike and going out for a ride. You could follow your curiosity and learn more about your favorite hobby. You could even pull out a favorite recipe that you haven't made in awhile.

Knowing the importance of external learning opens you to connecting to inner learning. All of the same concepts apply, but instead of learning something about your outer world, you learn something about your inner world. Be willing to engage in something new and reveal a talent or skill set you didn't realize was within you. Notice how it makes you feel. Pay attention to what gets sparked within. Maybe you rediscover a talent that has grown and expanded since you last tapped into in, feeling alive and inspired.

    Outer learning always reveals and inspires inner learning.

Savor both inner and outer learning. They enhance each other exponentially.

Learning and re-learning involve opening your mind, freeing yourself from limitations, and embracing the richness of life.

What have you learned today?

What have you re-learned today?

How easy or challenging is it for you to open your mind to new experiences?

Walking together in light, love, and peace 🙏


When I choose to embrace learning,
my life is rich.

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