Do you ever allow yourself to be curious about the choices you make or the thoughts that run through your head? If your answer is no, I'm officially giving you a love nudge to be curious. If your answer is yes, let's continue the journey.

Life continues to present situations to us, regardless of the pandemic. Interestingly enough, I have found that I navigate my responses differently because of the pandemic. I have noticed a more conscious response, being much more mindful...about me.

I can not control the pandemic. I can not control other people's responses. I have always known this, but for whatever reason, it resonates more strongly within me now.

Regardless of what mandates and regulations are in place, I always have the power to choose. ALWAYS.

I'm referring to inner choices as much as outer choices.

An external restriction doesn't have power over my emotions. I still have a choice in whether I choose joy or sadness, fear or love, acceptance or rejection. I'm not advocating ignoring what emotion is present within me. I'm offering the invitation to fully be where I am and not to respond as a puppet to feelings I'm not experiencing.

I have the choice to trust myself and my decisions. I have to trust that I continually hold the highest intention for myself at all times, which then overflows onto others. I have the power to choose what is best for me, not what makes others comfortable.

I have to choose me.

This isn't coming from a selfish place but rather one of knowing and honoring what I need. It's a space of trusting that I am aware of what is going on within and that I am the sole person responsible for taking care of that need. If I need support or assistance, I also have to trust that I will ask for what I need.

I have also noticed a shift in my faith, a deepening of my spiritual connection. I have found comfort in familiar hymns. I have been increasingly willing to ask for spiritual support and have found myself opening more fully to receiving the answers or guidance. I have found that I am the sanctuary that I seek, especially in moments of prayer and meditation.

The final place of learning I want to share is deepened self-love.

I have learned greater acceptance for how I feel, the choices I make, the stumbling blocks I come across, and my overall reactions to life.

I have gained a deeper presence and appreciation for my gifts of healing and playing piano. I continue to learn how to embrace fear as a teacher rather than an adversary. And in the midst of learning self-love, I am awakening patience within...for myself.

What have you learned about yourself during the pandemic?

How are you inviting curiosity into your day?

In what ways are you exploring your own power of choice?

In light, love, and peace

Searching and learning is where the miracle process all beings. -Jim Rohn

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