Imagination. Curiosity. Creativity. Passion. Dreams. As a kid, it was easy to tap into imagination—the very thing that brought experiences to life and a thrill to engage in. As an adult, it is easy to use imagination to visualize what could possibly happen next...and not from a space of joyful anticipation.

Imagination includes tapping into intellect and intuition. Use what you know and what you sense and create from that space. Imagination requires an openness to what is going on within, too. If you're feeling anger, you're closed off to your imagination. The same holds true for the other emotions we prefer to avoid: fear, sadness, pain, shame. When these emotions create restrictions, the first thing to do is bring movement to those emotions. Dive in with them and discover what is going on underneath them. When there is an understanding around the emotion, it will be easier to tap into your imagination.

Imagination doesn't mean creating from scratch, either. You can easily put a fresh spin on an old classic. Do you like to play games? Grab your favorite board or card game and make up new rules. Do you like to color or paint? Do it with your non-dominant hand or limit yourself to two colors. Create some aspect of new that opens your imagination. Once you get the juices flowing, you'll be amazed at what original ideas you can come up with.

The idea is to shift from fear to creativity. Use your imagination in regards to activities to do (both indoors and out), how to connect with others, how to stay inspired with meals, and even how to pay attention to what is going on within you. Use the questions below to guide you along with the video to the right. Your vibrant imagination is waiting to be tapped!


Take a breath and notice your body.

What can you create today?

How can your body be a vehicle for that creation?


Take a breath and allow yourself to open to your imagination.

What comes up when you open your imagination?

How can you use your imagination to move through fear?


Take a breath and bring awareness to your heart center.

What is your dream?

What passion lies within you?


When I choose to use my imagination,
I create my dreams.

Walking together in light, love, peace...and imagination.

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