Your work is not to drag the world kicking and screaming into a new awareness.

Your job is to simply do your work sacredly,



Which will emanate Light wherever you are,

And those with eyes to see and ears to hear will respond.

~The Arcturians



It is no surprise that this quote would come into my awareness at this point in my process. There is a heightened call to integrity and the most consistent way to honor that call is to lead by example. I can’t make anyone else choose to act or speak with integrity, but I can make it my daily choice.


I am most inspired by the concept of doing my work sacredly. This is not difficult for me to step into, but what I do find is that sometimes, in the midst of the muck, I forget to fully tap into the divine, universal support around me. It’s easy for me to slip into feeling alone and thinking I have to do the work all by myself. When the big pieces start to shift and transform, it can be very overwhelming. These are the very moments that I am given the love nudge to stay in alignment and integrity. I am not alone and my work is divinely supported. This is also when I’m called to finding my voice and trust speaking my truth. To be open about it, it is often quite uncomfortable to speak my truth. It is not a fully developed “muscle” yet…I’m still in training. On top of it all, speaking my truth is an unfamiliar response. The familiar response flow chart is:

Uncomfortable situationàinner paralysisàflood of anxiety and fearàinability to have a coherent thoughtàkeep my mouth shut for fear of getting the other person upset.


The new flow chart (with an occasional kink in the flow):

Uncomfortable situationàbreatheàintuitive response “pops” in my headàbreatheàspeak with trust in the discernment of my wordsàallow the response to occuràrepeat as necessary.


The process obviously shifts as needed, but I have been able to find my voice, speak my truth and honor what it is that I feel and “know”. I have been able to be present in the situation and stand in my place of personal power, not feeling like I have to cower to someone else and stand in their place of fear. When I stand and speak from my place of personal empowerment, it offers an invitation for the other person to do the same. Whether or not they choose to accept the invitation is their responsibility, not mine. My choice is to be consistent with my words and actions and honor the sacredness of who I am, especially in the midst of an uncomfortable experience or when someone else’s fear challenges the truth of who I am. It can be an intense experience, sometimes followed by a healthy emotional release; all of which I am learning to be at peace with and embrace as part of the beauty of the process.


My personal growth is often deeply triggered or stimulated by my personal life. We are in relation (spouse/partner/friends/family/co-workers) with people here to help us grow. Although the lessons they teach are not always in the most pleasant setting or with the most pleasant exchange, they are invitations to live with integrity, humility and truth, held together with love.


I choose to continue to do my work sacredly, silently and secretly.


I choose to be Light.


I choose to offer the invitation to others to see and hear what they are able to in any given moment.

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