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Do I believe I have sufficient courage?

Will God be there when I experience disappointment, defeat and despair?

Will I trust the way the support is presented?

Will I be open to receiving the support?

Will the fear be so overwhelming to me that my desire to protect and defend will prevent Spirit from coming in?

Do I have the patience to sit in the unknown?

Do I have the fortitude to walk through the muck of fear?

Will I be able to find the lessons in the despair to guide me?

Will I trust in asking for help?

Change and transition are necessary aspects of life. We all experience them...with varying degrees of grace. For me, the magnitude of the change affects the amount of grace present.

I trust my path and I trust the choices I am making in connection to it. It's my patience that needs a little beefing up. When I start feeling fear creeping into the picture, I want...demand is more accurate...proof of divine support. And I want it by yesterday.

And I want someone to point it out to I don't miss it.

And I want someone to hold my hand and encourage me to keep case my courage is waning.

And I want someone to remind me to have faith...when I start to doubt.

And I want to remember that the someone I am looking for is me.

Yes, having someone in our lives to support us is comforting and important. However, it is even more important to have the faith, courage and support come from within.

No one can take it away.

No one can shatter it.

No one can alter it.

Only I can.

God is handing me the tools...and patiently teaching me how to use them.


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