Openness invites flexibility and fluidity; allowing and accepting how you respond and react to information, ideas and choices. It is also a critical piece in how we respond and react to others. The upheaval of familiarity and routine has a different impact on different people. Some want to hide away until it is over, some want to actively support those who face the pandemic on a daily basis, others go with the flow as peaceably as possible, while others resist the pandemic. Everyone has the right to respond how they choose. It doesn't mean that everyone will agree. It DOES mean that openness is important to keep kindness and compassion at the forefront. If someone's response doesn't align with yours, reacting in anger will not make the situation better, nor will it make your position more 'right' than theirs. Anger invites anger just as compassion invites compassion.

Rather than diving deeper into that perspective, I'm going to return inward. When you are open to experiencing what you are experiencing, you expand your ability to experience your dips and struggles with gentleness and compassion. Some days are easier than others. There are moments when life seems a bit more 'normal' and then in the blink of an doesn't feel so normal. Be open to the ebb and flow of your emotions, not only during the pandemic, but always. Being upset with yourself for feeling sad because your international trip was cancelled isn't going to ease the sadness. Feeling the sadness and allowing it to move through you will open you to greater gentleness. We are all doing the best that we can in any given moment.

The video link in the right sidebar takes you through the following questions and mantra. Let the questions percolate within and see what you learn about yourself.


Take a breath and notice your body.

Does it feel open or constricted?

How can you bring more openness into your body?


Take a breath and notice any thoughts in your mind.

How would you describe your thoughts? (i.e. rigid, open, fearful, etc.)

How can you shift to a more accepting mindset?


Take a breath and bring awareness to your heart center.

What is your heart telling you?

How can you open to being gentle with yourself?


When I choose to be open,
I experience grace and acceptance.

Walking together in light, love, peace...and openness.

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