We make realities out of our dreams and dreams out of our realities.
We are the dreamers of the dream.
~ Roald Dahl

What dream do you have for yourself?

Take a minute and reflect on that question.

Was it easy or challenging to come up with an answer? Is your dream about you or did it expand beyond you?

Dreams can be intentional invitations for me. I can let ego take over and tell me the story that dreams are unattainable wishes or I can let dreams be nudges from my heart, letting me know what is still in store for me.

Sometimes it feels a little selfish to have a dream. The time and energy investment in bringing the dream to life means sacrificing time with others. In the long run, the fulfillment of the dream is worth the sacrifices. Every single time.

Dreams encompass a wide variety of aspects, from things to accomplish, things to learn, relationships to foster or places to visit. All of them are exquisite pieces to the unique puzzle of life.

A critical element to bring dreams to fruition is heart. There needs to be a whole-hearted engagement to make it through the twists and turns.

My book writing journey was a perfect teacher for me. I experienced so many left turns that I began to wonder if it was even worth it. There were days where the investment of time, energy...oh...and MONEY...felt futile. Yet I kept digging deeper and am now a published author.

I am now finding that I need to bring clarity to other dreams in order to bring a spark of life to them, too. Interestingly enough, there is fear popping up. There is always an element of vulnerability involved when it comes to dreams.

My habit is to name the fear of judgment or rejection OUTSIDE of me. My new nudge is to honestly look at the judgment or rejection that I hold WITHIN me.

How do I judge my dreams?

How am I rejecting the nudge from my heart?

What am I afraid of allowing myself to see?

What excuses am I making?

In what ways am I letting the past influence me?

How can I foster allowing the present to unfold?

How committed am I to myself...my dream...the longings of my heart?

I invite you to use my musings as your own. Your dreams deserve to be brought to life and be fulfilled.

Walking together in light, love, peace...and dreams.

We make realities out of our dreams and dreams out of our realities. We are the dreamers of the dream. _ Roald Dahl

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