How often do you get stuck in comparing yourself to others? Income? Job status? Social life? Marriage?


How about shifting the focus back to you?


It’s alarming to experience and witness the ease of outward comparison instead of inner reflection. All of the juicy nuggets of uniqueness are ignored for something we don’t have.


Why spend so much energy focusing on what is missing rather than what you have?


When all of the concern is outward, opportunities for growth are missed or overlooked. Each day is a new opportunity to savor a personal talent, trait or gift and bring it into greater awareness and fullness.


Recently I was re-reading the love nuggets from guests at our wedding. One in particular stood out to me: “Find something new to love about each other EVERY day!” Not only does this idea support a healthy, loving marriage, but it also is the very foundation of who we are and what we have to offer.


When was the last time you intentionally found something new to love about yourself?


Are you still trying to remember?


Then it was too long ago.


We can rise to our potential with greater ease and awareness when we allow ourselves to love something about ourselves.


And then tomorrow…find another something to love.


My husband and I are avid fans of “Call the Midwife”, which we binge on on Netflix. Season 7 recently came out so I will be careful not to spoil it for anyone. Anyway, after a tragedy that was experienced by all, Sr. Monica Joan (an elderly nun) went on a passionate, powerful tirade. To paraphrase, she essentially said that we are not to be burying ourselves in grief but to allow memories to live and inspire us. There is meaning in each day and it is up to us to find it and embrace it.


How can we be better than we thought we could be if we don’t find meaning in each day and embrace it?


Or if we don’t find something new to love about ourselves each day?


As I continue to navigate each day without the physical presence of my beloved Wolfgang, I am reminded that love was his North Star. Everything~and I mean everything~came from a place of love. He loved to eat. He loved to play. He loved to love. He loved to hold space. He loved to swim. He loved being curious. When I find myself missing his physical presence, the idea of love being his North Star inspires me. I am reminded that through love, I find meaning in each day.


Through love, I am better than I thought I could be.


Through love, I can find something new to love about me every day.


As for today, I love that I find comfort and guidance in writing this blog with my incredible lemurian-manifestation-twin peak/soulmate quartz crystal on my left thigh.


What do you love about you today?

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