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Oh, how the mind can grab tight onto fear and overwhelm and throw things in a spinning tizzy. Ugh.

I, for one, don't tend to do well with unexpected information that I am unable to learn more about fairly immediately. If something comes up as a surprise to me, I want to be able to gather as much information as possible as soon as possible. Once I have information at my disposal, I am more able to process what is going on and how to proceed.

Without additional information, my mind is allowed to fill in the blanks...which is typically not the best choice. The scenarios created in my very vivid imagination tend to be far more overwhelming than what is actually at hand. Even though I know this about myself, I can still be taken for an uncomfortable loop, feeling like I've landed flat on my back. Hard.

Then there are those scenarios that once the missing information is attained, my mind still keeps dancing around. The best thing in those moments is to step into it. Whatever it is that is consuming my brain needs some intentional, supportive action to slow things down.

For example, Mondays can sometimes overwhelm me when I see what is in front of me for the week. All I ever need to do is start. Everything unfolds quite fluidly and I accomplish more than I though I would on Monday alone.

Ultimately, my mind needs to stay connected to my heart; trusting in the unfolding and allowing the natural flow to happen. My desires don't even need to be more than being fully present with each person or item on my to-do list.

The fears that pop up have an interesting way of presenting though they have learned to come in disguise so I don't recognize them right away. Always a lesson to be learned...

Always seeking to shed light on fears to allow love to guide...

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