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Winter Wonder: This piece evokes a warm sense of nostalgia. It opens with gentle bells which echo throughout the piece. Take your time with this piece and allow the music to stir memories within you.

Glowing Embers: Velvety is the word that comes to mind for this piece. Snuggle in by the fire with a cozy blanket and be mesmerized by the flames and embers.

Barren Landscape: There is a stark, mysterious nature to this piece, evoking a curiosity about the shadows. The monotony of the left-hand invites getting lost in thought as you wander.

Snowfall: This piece paints a picture of snowflakes dancing and swirling. The flakes sometimes land on the ground and other times get carried by the wind. “Snowfall” depicts gentle flakes as well as the clusters of snow that fall. Tap into the joy of looking up at the sky as the snow is falling.

Glistening Dreams: The mood of this piece evokes inspiration and sweet nudges of hope. Sounds of chimes and images of snowfall are heard throughout the piece. The color changes in the verses reflect the glimmers as the sun dances on the snow.

Mystery of Darkness: Allow the winter darkness to envelope you. There are hints of tension in the unknown and unseen. Let it evoke mystery rather than fear.

Moonlit Stillness: Visualize and create the beautiful shimmers of moonlight on the landscape.

Snow Covered Path: Get carried away by the beautiful snow-covered arches of the trees. Sometimes the path is more traveled upon and easier to navigate, and sometimes more effort is required. It is a picturesque way to parallel life and be nestled in with nature.

Fairy Lights: The title refers to Christmas lights, both indoors and out. They create a warm glow inside the house and beautiful reflections on the snow outside. They seem to dance as the wind blows while revealing the footprints of the animals that find sanctuary in the yard.

Solstice Blessing: This piece is chant-like, building and ebbing; soulful. The lyrics that repeat throughout the entire piece:
Winter Solstice blessing us. We have turned the year. Winter Solstice blessing us. Welcoming the light.

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Winter inspires a sense of magic. Nature reflects a union with winter as the fauna and flora trust their instinctive essence and prepare. There is much to be learned by bearing witness to this symbiotic relationship. Winter summons a pause, an invitation to go within ourselves, and a return to nurturing the sacred within.

I have always loved winter and the blanket of beauty created by the snow. I love the magic the snow contains as it glimmers when the light hits it. The extended darkness feels like a big hug, holding me as I snuggle in. I adore seeing Christmas lights both inside and outside homes. They create a joyful expression, changing like a kaleidoscope as the wind blows or the snow increases.

This collection embraces child-like wonder and awe of winter. It stirs the imagination. It invites you on a path to wander your own winterscape.

Recorded by Ann Ruane on a Ritmuller Grand Piano.
Mixing and Mastering by DAVID VARTANIAN, DV Productions
Graphic Design, Art & Photos by TRACY DELFAR

About the Composer--Ann Ruane

I love the freedom to paint scenes through music, allowing what stirs within me to come through my fingers. My training as a classical pianist and my vast experience as an accompanist have exposed me to many styles and avenues for portraying various moods. I cherish how each collection I have written has emerged and how the inner connection, exploration, and expression grows and deepens over time. Winter Wonder tapped into my love of winter and opened a floodgate of memories as I wrote. I wish you much joy as you create this winter collection with your fingers.