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Divine Healer Inspired by a poem in “Fall in Love with the Whispers of Your Heart” Book 2: “Heal me from the inside out.” Constant flowing of the RH over the LH melody, cleansing. Seamless, but not too fast.

Echoes Within Spacious and uncluttered. Take time to listen. The familiar pattern is the undercurrent to what happens around it.

Rejection Be so committed to yourself that the dismissal, denial, and aching are left behind. Stand firmly in the truth of who you are. Inspired by a poem in “Fall in Love with the Whispers of Your Heart” Book 2.

Courageous Soul Gently building up courage to be seen and let yourself be heard.

Veil of Deception Full of mystique and shadows, longing for the light. There are always choices to be made.

Calm My Restless Mind Let the rich harmonies wash away inner tension and bring calm. Even with the rich texture, it is soothing and helps untie the knots within you.
Refrain: Calm my restless mind. Let me know You’re here. I need to find peace. Calm my restless mind. Let me know You’re here. Lead me to my heart.
(From the closing poem of “Fall in Love with the Whispers of Your Heart” Book 2.)

Navigating Meandering on your path with a constant grounding presence. The path becomes clearer as the piece progresses.

Standing Still The constant LH pattern emphasizes standing still. The RH moves through various chord colors and the LH remains the same. The piece represents an expressionless vacancy.

Letting Go This blues piece embraces reaching one’s full capacity of holding everything in and letting it go. Moving through it and knowing that better things lie ahead.

Breathe Expansive and healing. Slow, gentle movement in this piece invites slowing down and taking a pause.

Grace The 16th note passages embody the sense of grace washing over you. It flows from above and cleanses the debris of life away.
Refrain: Let Your grace wash over me. Cleanse me from my pain. Wash over me. Let me be free. Let Your grace wash over me. (Inspired by a poem on grace in “Fall in Love with the Whispers of Your Heart” Book 3.)

Spark of Creation The bold color changes in the verses symbolize the spark, be it an idea, a project, a dream, or a sense of creating your own self. The bridge brings to life the expansiveness that follows the spark, all tied together with a graceful motive in the refrain.

Secret Dreams The child-like playfulness of secret dreams is portrayed in the whimsical refrain. There is delight and magic held within the dreams. The verses change the mood a little bit, with questions and what-ifs, only for the dreams to be brought to fruition in the bridge.

Transformation There is a stick-to-itiveness present in the LH of this piece. Stay true to yourself regardless of what crosses your path. Allow the transformation to happen in the time in which it takes to happen.

Moving Forward Experience the joy and light-heartedness of clarity and a sense of direction. There is expansiveness as the piece progresses, embracing limitless possibilities.

Walk with Me The soul connection of this piece inspired the gospel nature. There is passion, desire, openness, and support held within the lyrics. The joy is palpable.
Refrain: Walk with me, talk with me, share your dreams, share your fears. Walk with me, talk with me, let me lead you to love.
Verse 1: The journey continues; the path always shown with magic and miracles guiding the way!
Bridge: New companions now join you: your heart, your soul, your divine light.
Verse 2: The whispers persist, “Come home to your heart, your sacred, your sacred, your sacred vault of truth. Vault of truth!” (From the opening poem of “Fall in Love with the Whispers of Your Heart” Book 2.)

bELIeve This piece is inspired by and dedicated to
Eli Hansen (2/2/12-12/29/22). I was fortunate to meet Eli relatively early on his journey with neuroblastoma (a childhood cancer that starts in immature nerve cells) when he was the tender age of four. I first got to know him in my profession as an energy healer, sharing the healing “tickles” (as Eli called them), and then evolving into a sweet friendship. Eli’s journey was arduous, yet his strength of spirit, faith, and love were rock solid. This piece is a representation of the emotional peaks and valleys on Eli’s path. There is heaviness, glimpses of hope, and an ultimate glorious transition with the fluttering of angels’ wings.

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Inner Mosaic: Unique, individual pieces put together to create a work of art. Each piece is significant and part of the whole—even the jagged pieces. Some are bigger, some are smaller; some are more vibrant, some are more muted. All pieces are held together by the binding energy of love. There is no brokenness, only parts of the whole. Some pieces make you want to pause to take them in, and some pieces you want to discard. All the pieces are needed and necessary. Appreciate them all.

Each piece in this collection is a part of my own inner mosaic: the beautiful, the challenging, the transforming, and ultimately, the inner invitation. As I sat with these pieces, I opened to how they resonated differently within me depending on where I was mentally and emotionally, affirming the depth of connection to the inner journey. Embrace the variety of perspectives you experience when you play these pieces, allowing different aspects of the mosaic to catch your attention, just as if you were taking in a mosaic in front of you. This is a glimpse of how the pieces of you—your story—combine to create a magnificent work of art.

Recorded by Ann Ruane on a Ritmuller Grand Piano.
Mixing and Mastering by DAVID VARTANIAN, DV Productions
Graphic Design, Art & Photos by TRACY DELFAR

About the Composer--Ann Ruane

I continue to be in awe of the music that is within me. This collection in particular reveals my willingness to be seen as a composer, embracing the expansiveness of what I am called to share. It was a fascinating journey from the fear of "will I really be able to write more original pieces that don’t sound like the others?" to "oh, wow, I love this collection." It is an honor to follow the nudges…the pieces…the tiles of the mosaic…and share this creative collection with you.