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I. Wandering Alone: This piece starts with a cry of exhausted desperation. The refrain reflects an unhurried presence with what is. The verses each contain a repeated note in the inner voice, sometimes meshing with the melody and sometimes creating dissonance. Those notes represent the inner nudge, quietly wanting to be acknowledged. In the bridge, things seemingly turn upside down, only to return to the exhausted desperation.

II. Through the Tempest: There is a fiery nature to this movement; an unapologetic expression of chaos, anger, fear, and heated conversation--between the hands in the music, but maybe between you and…? Creator? Yourself? Life? Lean into the unrelenting nature of this movement and let it cleanse you.

III. Finding a New Path: Although somewhat melancholy, the refrain depicts a different state of calm following the storm. There is still inner restlessness heard in the verses and a hint of hope in the bridge. Things become clearer and less cluttered by the time the piece closes.

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**This suite is released digitally only.

I learned of this piece through a dream. I woke up knowing I needed to compose a 3-movement suite called Homeless Spirit. I made note of it, acknowledged receipt of the information, and returned my focus to what was in front of me. Until the next day. In the shower. The message was that I needed to write it now. Needless to say, the piece downloaded VERY quickly, faster than any other music I have written to date, especially since it wasn’t the only thing I was working on or doing during the day. I was even guided in how to title each of the movements, so together they create a sentence, yet each portion can stand on its own: Wandering Alone Through the Tempest; Finding a New Path.

To me, the journey of the homeless spirit is not experienced only once in a lifetime. As I grow, heal, and open to who I am, I find myself on this journey repeatedly, with varying degrees of intensity. I’m learning to embrace the times when I feel like the homeless spirit, knowing there is ALWAYS a new path.

Recorded by Ann Ruane on a Ritmuller Grand Piano.
Mixing and Mastering by DAVID VARTANIAN, DV Productions
Graphic Design, Art & Photos by TRACY DELFAR